Andrew Gilmour
Esta persona es un anfitrión y quiere coger a una persona como invitado

Andrew Gilmour


Modalidad: Anfitrión
Quiere acoger a una persona
País: Reino unido
Idioma nativo: Inglés
Acoge invitados de: Reino unido
Quiere aprender: Español
¿Cuándo?: Flexible
¿Cuánto tiempo?: 1-2 semanas
Sobre mi
I (Andrew) am from Northern Ireland and my wife (Elisabeth) is from Madrid. I'd love to improve my Spanish by spending time with native Spanish speakers. My wife and I try to speak in Spanish sometimes but often we forget and only speak in English! I'd like to host a Spanish-speaker so that we might have a little more Spanish spoken in the house. We would also like to help ou guest improve their English.
cooking, socialising, walking in the county, travelling
Otras consideraciones
We are a married couple living in a two-bedroom house near the city center of Oxford. I am Northern Irish and my wife is from Madrid!
Mi familia
My wife and I have been married for a year and a half and we now live near to Oxford city centre. We got married near Madrid and love going back to Spain for holidays.
Mi casa
We live in a small house with two bedrooms and a pretty garden. Our home is cosy and we enjoy decorating it with things that we have picked up on our travels. We love to cook and try new types of food. The street is quiet and the area is nice, with good cafes and pubs nearby.
Oxford, United Kingdom


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