Learn languages with traditional winter meals in Spain


MyHOSTpitality  shows you different meals for this winter  Months before, we write about traditional summer meals in Spain. Today we have decided to write about traditional winter meals in Spain. In Spain, it’s too cold in winter, for this reason, we eat very hot meals. MyHOSTpitality shows you different winter typical meals. Cochinillo asado  It’s…

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¿Quieres hacer un intercambio de idiomas o ser anfitrión para aprender inglés?


Aprender inglés con un intercambio es fácil gracias a MyHOSTpitality ¿Siempre has querido hacer un intercambio de idiomas pero los costes son muy elevados? ¿Tu sueño es visitar un país donde se hable inglés pero aún no has tenido la oportunidad?Si lo que quieres es hacer un intercambio lingüístico para aprender inglés, este artículo va…

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Traditions and customs: differences between The United Kingdom and Spain


Traditions and customs: differences between The United Kingdom and Spain There are many topics which talk about the differences between Spanish people and English people. It is normal that there are differences because the customs, cultures, and tastes are different. But it never hurts to do a summary, especially if you plan to visit Spain….

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Christmas: differences between Spain and The United Kingdom


Christmas is the most important festivity around The World. People reunite with their families and walk through the streets cherising the Christmas lights. Nervtheless, the most important thins is the preaching for forgiveness and love to one another on the mentioned festivity. In every country, Christmas reminds of a forgiveness feeling and makes everyone help…

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