Braden Russell
Esta persona quiere ir como invitado a un hogar anfitrión

Braden Russell

Hombre, 23 años

Modalidad: Invitado
Quiere ir como invitado
País: Estados unidos
Idioma nativo: Inglés
Quiere ir a: España
Quiere aprender: Español
¿Cuándo quiere ir?: Septiembre
¿Cuánto tiempo?: Más de 3 meses
Sobre mi
My name is Braden Russell, I graduated from my university Northern Arizona University, in 2015 with a Bachelors in Business Finance and a minor in Spanish. I have a great passion for exploring our world and meeting new people and from that adapting to new cultures and absorbing new ways of life! I am incredibly passionate about the environment and the earth but also respect every ones view points. I am currently teaching English in Spain in a town called El Boalo and am looking forward to my next 10 months living here!! I live to be physically active in running, biking, hiking, snow boarding, swimming and surfing. I am a spiritual man who loves to read, write, make music and play lots of disc golf (Very new sport to Spain). I am also a very big family man who puts family first before anyone and strives to make them proud as well as excelling in my own standards! I love the out doors and teaching and especially teaching in the outdoors! I used to be a camp counselor where I would teach kids the basics of mountain biking which is where I fell in love with my passion for teaching and molding minds. I love the satisfaction and gratification that comes from teaching people how to do certain things and as I spend these next 10 months here in Spain, I'd like to explore this more. On a personal level, I am very friendly, open minded, welcoming and accepting of anyone and everyone. I am also very respectful, clean, tidy and personable. I do not drink or smoke or do drugs but I do have a deep passion for music so I do like to go out to shows on a semi regular basis, but I always come back either in the morning as to not wake anybody up, or as quiet as a mouse! I am very interested in living close to my town of El Boalo so that I can cut my commute time down to a minimum and also spend more time in the local area to get to know the people better. My ideal situation is to find a family that is looking for someone who is friendly, kind, adventurous and open minded to have in their home. My goal is to learn Spanish fluently and also teach as much English as I can so that I may improve my teaching skills as well. I hope this lines up with someone!! Currently I am living in Spain so I am looking for something as soon as possible! If anyone is interested please message me. Looking forward to talking to you soon!
Snow boarding, running, biking, reading, writing, disc golf, dancing, hiking, camping
Otras consideraciones
I am ver very very friendly and love to absorb other cultures! Lets build bridges together!


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