Mar Manresa
Esta persona quiere ir como invitado a un hogar anfitrión

Mar Manresa

Mujer, 16 años

Modalidad: Invitado
Quiere ir como invitado
País: España
Idioma nativo: Catalán
Quiere ir a: Canadá, Estados unidos
Quiere aprender: Inglés
¿Cuándo quiere ir?: Flexible
¿Cuánto tiempo?: Flexible
Sobre mi
Our daughter Mar would like to experience and learn abut other cultures by staying with a host family. She loves dancing, acting, singing and shopping. She is sociable, friendly and outgoing. She likes having fun and hanging out with her friends. She also likes visiting cities and towns. She's British by her father's side so she knows English but would like to improve it.
dancing, singing, acting, shopping, going to the city...


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