Esta persona quiere hacer un intercambio


Mujer, 19 años

Modalidad: Intercambio
Quiere hacer un intercambio
País: España
Idioma nativo: Español
Quiere ir a: Reino unido, Irlanda, Estados unidos
Quiere aprender: Inglés
¿Cuándo quiere ir?: Agosto
¿Cuánto tiempo?: 1-2 semanas
Sobre mi
Hey! I'm Laura, a 19 year old girl from Badajoz, Spain. I'm looking for a partner around my age to do a cultural exchange in the summer. I'm on my second year at university. I did my first exchange when I was 16 with a scottish girl and it was one of the best experiences of my life. She came to my house for a week and I went to hers for another week. I'm looking forward to do another exchange to meet new people, practice my English and have new experiences. I have one younger brother (17), and my parents are the most sweet and caring people you're gonna meet. Also my mom loves cooking all the time!
Listening to music, going out with friends, dancing, watching series
Otras consideraciones
My ideal exchange would be going to my partner's home for a week or two and they coming to mine. Spending lot of times together doing fun things and improving our language skills.
Mi familia
We are a family of four: my parents, Rosa (49) and Fernando (47), and my younger brother Daniel (17). We are really close to each other and like to do stuff together all the time, like watching a film or going out for dinner. I often go with my dad to the gym cause we both enjoy excercising, he is a very funny person and is always joking around. With my mum I enjoy going shopping, cooking or baking (she's really great at both) or watching our favorite Netflix series together. I'm also really close with my brother, we sometimes play videogames together or hang out with each other friends.
This is from a couple of weeks ago when we went out for my mom's birthday
Mi casa
We live in a big apartment with 4 bedrooms very near to the center of our city, Badajoz. It's a very family-friendly neighbourhood with lots of parks, bars where I hang out with my friends, and it's also very near the river where we like to go to do picnics and play some sports.
The views from our living room (we live on the 9th floor)
Calle Luís Álvarez Lencero


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