Esta persona quiere ir como invitado a un hogar anfitrión


Mujer, 16 años

Modalidad: Invitado
Quiere ir como invitado
País: España
Idioma nativo: Español
Quiere ir a: Alemania, Finlandia, Reino unido, Irlanda, Estados unidos
Quiere aprender: Inglés
¿Cuándo quiere ir?: Solo verano (Junio-Agosto)
¿Cuánto tiempo?: 2-4 semanas
Sobre mi
Well I'm paula I'm 16 years old and I life in a small city called "logroño" which is in La Rioja(everyone from Spain knows about La Rioja because we produce a really good wine). I love hiking and hanging out with my friends. Traveling is my favorite hobby and I love it cause of the benefits that comes with it.
I love hiking, whenever i can i try my best to go our and explore something new, sometimes with friends or family. I also love sports i do athletics but i love basketball. I'm really in love with weight lifting.
Otras consideraciones
We are a family of 5 members. My dad who's really nice and love doing activities in the countryside like hiking, exploring ans BBQs. My mom who's also a really funny nice woman who tries to be really healthy. My older brother(21) who i call the gamer and my younger sister(15)who i like to call the popular one. I'd like to be with a family with members of my age.


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