Hugo Algeciras Lopez
Would like to do an exchange

Hugo Algeciras

Male, 14 years old

Modality: Exchange
Would like to do an exchange
Country: Spain
Native language: Spanish
He/She wants to go to: Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Germany, United kingdom, United states
He/She wants to learn: English
Would like to go in: Summer Only (June-August)
For how long?: 2-4 weeks
About me
I am a boy of 14 years old who wants to go to another country to learn other cultures.
I love to do sports and walk around the beach. I like animals. I love to make new friends.
My family
They are very nice people, they want to make feel good other people. They have a big heart.
My home
It's a normal size house with a big garden and a big swimming pool in a very safe place.
Calle Alberto Duran Tejera, Edificio Roma, Portal 3, Pismo 321


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