Access to or use of attributes visitors the condition of USER, which implies the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use given here. Said Terms and Conditions apply where applicable, regardless of the mandatory General Terms and Conditions of Contract. The registered users on some occasions will be considered members of the MyHOSTpitality community.

Conditions of Use

The services offered by “MARÍA ANGELES LEÓN LAMBEA” (hereafter known as “MyHOSTpitality”) on this website are detailed below. Its use signifies your agreement to the following conditions, and you decline from lodging any complaint against the following terms:

  1. MyHOSTpitality’s Aim

    MyHOSTpitality’s Aim is the creation of an online community for the organisation, directly between its members, of linguistic or cultural trips and exchanges. It is not a travel agency that organises trips or language courses abroad.

  2. Access, Registration and Security.

    It is not necessary to register or to provide personal information in order to use the website. Although to access and use certain areas, it is required; at which point you become a member of the online community.

    On registering as members of the community, certain information is required to complete your profile (category, name, age, home country, native language, place of destination, language to learn, among other things). In accordance with the registration forms for each category you will also choose a password whose use will be personal and non-transferrable, cession to a third party is not allowed. The registered user assumes all responsibility for the consequences of divulging it, and promises to use it diligently.

    Access to the basic information of registered users (community members) is available on the website and can be seen by anyone browsing the website, though personal contact information such as your address, telephone number and email address is not available to be seen without the visitor being registered. However, to achieve the aim of our community, members who have registered on the platform are able to access the complete profiles of other registered members as the identification of members with common interests to organise exchanges or trips among themselves is our intention.

    By registering for our website, users or, in the case of children under the age of 14, their parents or legal guardians accept that some personal data, especially that relevant to language and geographical situation (complete or modify as necessary), is displayed and is available through the platform to the general public without the need to be registered.

  3. Data Protection

    Data provided by the users is included in a file that is the responsibility of MyHOSTpitality in accordance with the Data Protection Law 15/1999. For more information, see the Privacy Policy section.

  4. Free of Charge and Non-requirement to Subscribe

    Access to and browsing of the MyHOSTpitality website is free, apart from those services that are indicated with their own Particular Conditions and require subscription to form part of the community, in accordance with what is stated in section 2: Access, Registration and Security.

  5. The Website
    1. The Server where this website is hosted uses cookies, which are stored in the visitor’s computer. Cookies are small files which contain certain information about the visit to the website, such as the date and time that the visit takes place, as well as information about the different sections visited. If the user desires, he or she can configure their web browser to warn them if it is going to receive a cookie or to avoid receiving them altogether, which will not prevent them accessing the website. There is more information about cookies in the “Cookies Policy” section.

    2. ”MyHOSTpitality” may amend the contents of the website, its services, fees, guarantees etc… at any moment and without warning.

    3. Prices indicated on the website will be valid except for typographical errors and are susceptible to change without prior notice.

  6. Exclusion of Guarantees and Responsibilities
    1. ”MyHOSTpitality” makes links and other elements that allow access to other third party websites available to their clients. We don’t advertise the products or services of said linked pages, nor do we assume any type of responsibility for them or for the information contained in them, nor their reliability or lawfulness, nor any effects that might result.
    2. ”MyHOSTpitality” cannot guarantee continuous operation or that this website is totally error free. Consequently, we are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this website.
    3. ”MyHOSTpitality” offers its services and products indefinitely; however they reserve the right to suspend the service unilaterally and without prior notice.
    4. ”MyHOSTpitality” is not to be held responsible for any damages to the user or the third party, produced by improper use of this website by the client.
    5. ”MyHOSTpitality” is not responsible for the viruses that could originate in a telematic transmission infiltrated by 3rd parties created with negative intentions for a computer system.
  7. Correct use of the website
    1. The user undertakes not to use this website or the services offered on it to conduct activities against the law, public order or these conditions.
  8. Minors

    To use the MyHOSTpitality website, all children should have received prior permission from their parents or legal guardians.

    In any case, we remind parents and guardians of those minors who wish to register on our system that MyHOSTpitality is not responsible for any personal information sent without the right authorisation.

    It is possible that on this website, minors’ personal information will be processed in accordance with the nature of the services offered by us.

    With respect to children under 14’s personal information, express permission from the parents or legal guardians is required for us to process it. We do not use the data for anything other than the offered service, or anything not age-appropriate. In no case is the personal information relating to the professional, economic or private situation of any other members of the family obtained from an under-age minor without consent. The parents and legal guardians have the right to access, cancel, rectify and oppose their children’s or charge’s data.

  9. Responsibility

    MyHOSTpitality is an open platform, on which the registered users, that is to say, the members of the community can connect in a free and spontaneous way with other users, always within the limits of the offered services on our website.

    Thus, our platform only allows people to get in contact for related needs, but in no case, except those legally enforceable, does it act as an intermediary between the users. So, the user or, where appropriate their parents or guardians, are the only ones liable for the data and information sent through our online platform.

    Likewise, and for the aforementioned motive, MyHOSTpitality is not responsible for breaches of or inaccuracies in private agreements between platform users.

    Ultimately, the user is solely responsible for the use that he or she makes of the offered services, contents and links on this website.

  10. Intellectual, Legal and Forum Property

    The contents of this website, unless indicated otherwise, are the property of MyHOSTpitality, or of third parties. Total or partial reproduction is prohibited. The texts, information and the contents included on this website, property of MyHOSTpitality, are protected by Spanish law regarding intellectual and industrial property and reproduction processing, distribution, dissemination, amendment or alteration of all or any part of this website is forbidden without prior written permission from us. The client can use the material that appears on the website for personal or private use however, its use for commercial purposes is forbidden. MyHOSTpitality ensures compliance with the above conditions for proper use of the contents present on its web pages, exercising all civil and criminal actions in the case that the user breaches or violates these rights.

  11. 11. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

    Whenever the client is not a “consumer or user” according to how Spanish law defines them, and when there is not a rule that binds them to other circumstances, the parties agree to appear before the Tribunal Courts of Don Benito, being the venue of the contract by specifically renouncing any other jurisdiction which may correspond to them.


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