It’s safe doing language exchanges with MyHOSTpitality?

Doing language exchanges with MyHOSTpitality is completely safe. Before doing the language exchange you have the possibility to contact the host family where your child is going to be or who you are going to be with if you want to do a linguistic homestay.

You could speak with that family via Skype as many times as you want and ask them to show you more photos of their house, the village or even ask for a video of their day by day life.

In addition, as we said before, many of our members use Traity a system that is going to value our users depending on the profiles they have in a different business built on a sharing economy such as BlaBla Car or AirBnB. This system will allow you to know if the family that you are going to host or the guest who will come to your house is trustworthy. The same system will probe your rating as well.  

Is there any agreement between the parties before the language exchange?

Before making the exchange or linguistic stay, the parties will sign an agreement tailored by MyHOSTpitality depending on the needs of each.

This agreement will be made once the dates of the duration of the language experience is definitely fixed.

And what if I have any problem? Is there any insurance policy that covers me?

MyHOSTpitality offers an insurance policy to the members of the community in order to let them avoid any problem neither before or during the performance of language immersions.

This insurance covers the insured in case of serious illness, death, repatriation due to major causes, failure to complete the exchange, loss of flight or loss of luggage among others.

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