What should I do if I don't remember my password?

If you don't remember your password while logging in MyHOSTpitality, click in "I cannot enter in my account. Help". Then, fill in with your e-mail, and the instructions to create a new password will be send. 


How do I get into my account and how do I modify my data?

You only have to look at the top tool bar where appears: home, 3 modalities, blog and username.

If you click in the arrow next to your username and then click in "my data", a new window with all your data summarized, will appear.

Inside that window, you will see a blue botton with the text "COMPLETE DATA". Click that botton and the same form that you complete when you signed up in the platform will appear. 

Complete the data that are missed and click in "Next".

Your data will be saved automatically. 

Someone is disturbing me

Don't worry! Send us an email to and we will block the disturbing user. 

How do I remove my account?

Why do you want to remove it? If you have any problem please, let us know and we will try to solve it so you can remain being a user of MyHOSTpitality.

However, if you want to remove it definetly, write to


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