How many years do I have to be to make a language exchange?

There's no age limit! We have users from 12 to 65 years.

Does the exchange have to be simultaneous and reciprocal?

It hasn’t to be simultaneous but it has to be reciprocal. If this don0t interest you, you can choose the modality: become a guest where you will be the one who travels to a local family.

Do I have to give money to my child to make the exchange possible?

That's a personal decision, but it is advisable to give him/her money, so he/she will not have to depend entirely on the host family, especially if he/she wants to buy a souvenir or something similar. Anyway, this will be reflected in the agreement signed by the parties before the experience.

How do I choose the native family for my language exchange?

You can select a host family you want, among all the families that are registered on our platform. You will make the choice under your own criteria.


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