What is MyHOSTpitality?

MyHOSTpitality, which is built on a sharing economy, is an online community for cooperative learning. It is used to organize linguistic or cultural stays and exchanges directly between its membersso they have the chance to learn other languages by staying with other members. The individual parties agree on the conditions of the stay or the hosting period as guest-host.

What does MyHOSTpitality offers?

MyHOSTpitality offers to its members the possibility of enjoying both, homestays and language and cultural exchanges at a lower cost than if they do it with a traditional agency or an intermediary. 

Do I have to pay if I use MyHOSTpitality service?

The services offered by MyHOSTpitality for its three modalities (language exchange, be a guest and be a host) are free.

For special services (corporative services, long-term homestays or language exchanges) please, contact with

What I should know before my child goes to another country?

In order to answer this question, and as we know that many of you can be scary to leave your child alone in this experience. We have posted 7 tips that you should take into account before sending your child to enjoy a language exchange

How long can be my linguistic and cultural exchange or stay?

The duration of a homestay or a linguistic and cultural exchange shall be agreed between the parties.

From MyHOSTpitality, we recommend an average duration for these experiences of 3-4 weeks.

What documentation do I need?

For a language exchange trip or an abroad stay, as for any leisure trip, you have to have a basic documentation such as identity card, passport, health insurance ...

In order to make it clearest for you, we leave the link of the Foreign Ministry where each document you need for each country, is well explained

Which are the benefits of doing a langue and cultural exchange with MyHOSTpitaity?

Becoming a guest or making a language exchange with a native family, gives to everyone who goes through this adventure multiple benefits.

These benefits are collected in the next post

What is a linguistic and cultural immersion through coexistence?

Is the perfect opportunity to get to know a country and a different culture, to change lifestyle for a while and discover new horizons, with a native person who will be able to teach show you every corner of the country, its people, its background and its language.

How do I register and fill my profile?

It is very simple!

Choose the modality that interest you, among the ones we offer: exchange, become a guest or become a host. They are located on the top bar of the web. Click on those that interest you. Then a new window, which contains all the information of the modality, will open and, at the beginning of that window, you will see a blue button with the text "REGISTER NOW".

You have to click on that button and then fill in a basic form with your name, mail (*) and set a password.

You're already registered! But don’t just stand there, SUBMIT YOUR PROFILE NOW!

Fill out the form that will appear without forgetting any boxes. Above all, it is very important that you describe and you upload a photo of yourself because that will help the other users to trust you and make your stay, welcoming or exchange possible.  

(*) You have to use different emails for each modality.

Who can see my profile and can contact me?

This page is available for anyone who enters the web of MyHOSTpitality. However, no one can contact you unless is registered as a user of the platform. Thus, the achievements of the interests of the parties for this experience are assured.

How do I contact the local family?

To contact them you just have to click on the button "VIEW PROFILE" of the native family you select. Once inside the profile, click on "CONTACT" and write, in English, the message you want to send to the user.

What language we should use in order to contact?

The language used in your profile description and also when contacting another user of MyHOSTpitality, should be English. So, the understanding between the parties will be easier.

Are there any references about the users?

As our community is very recent, we have reached an agreement with Traity, a platform whose mission is to verify the identity of each of our users, using all available information on the internet about them such as their social networks, their stars received on platforms like eBay, AIRBNB ...

This system will allow you to know if the family that you are going to host or the guest who will come to your house is trustworthy. The same system will probe your rating as well.  

Should the parties have to be the same age?

It is recommended that both, the guest and the host be similar ages because, by this way, it will be more likely to share tastes and preferences and thus, the exchange quality will be better.

However, if is your son the one who is going to make the exchange, he/she can also go to a local family in without a kid of his/her age but with a specialized person in taking care and entertaining children


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