Esta persona quiere ir como invitado a un hogar anfitrión


Mujer, 18 años

Modalidad: Invitado
Quiere ir como invitado
País: España
Idioma nativo: Español
Quiere ir a: Reino unido, Irlanda
Quiere aprender: Inglés
¿Cuándo quiere ir?: Julio
¿Cuánto tiempo?: 1-2 semanas
Sobre mi
I have just started the first year of university in Madrid. I´m studying biology and I love it so much. About me, I am a little bit shy but the more I know you the more self-confident I get. Everything related with animals is welcoming, I am a huge pet lover, in fact I have two dogs (bóxers) that are really nice and charming. I live in the countryside, 30 minutes from Madrid, but if you want to go by bus it takes abou 50 min. It is a really beautiful place to stay and learn about the environment.
In my free time I love reading, watching films, playing the guitar, taking the dogs for a walk, listening to music.. But actually the most I like doing is getting lost in the nature.
Otras consideraciones
I live with my parents who are so sweet and lovely. I have two more sisters who have my same age (triplets). Two dogs and a cat.


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