Mia Peña Guzmán
Would like to go as a guest to a host family’s home

Mia Peña

Female, 18 years old

Modality: Guest
Would like to go as a guest
Country: Spain
Native language: Spanish
He/She wants to go to: United states
He/She wants to learn: English
Would like to go in: July
For how long?: More than 3 months
About me
Hello, my name is Mia, I am 18 years old and I live in Spain. I am a very calm girl I like to read, listen to music, paint, watch series ... normal. I would like to study the last course in the United States because I think it would be a great opportunity to improve my English, meet new people and a new culture. I also want to learn English because I love to travel and because I would like to have good job opportunities in my country.
Other considerations
I would like to find a family with patience and kind.


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