Roberth Alexis
Would like to do an exchange

Roberth Alexis

Male, 18 years old

Modality: Exchange
Would like to do an exchange
Country: Spain
Native language: Spanish
He/She wants to go to: Puerto rico, United states
He/She wants to learn: English
Would like to go in: Summer Only (June-August)
For how long?: Flexible
About me
I am 18 years old, I live in Murcia (Spain) I want to learn English. My family would love to make an exchange and thus also learn other cultures.
I like soccer, slaie to make excursions and to know the culture the country for better the English
Other considerations
I am looking to learn English, learn the culture of another country and also visit a new country
My family
My mother is a housewife, my father is a trucker and he comes on weekends, I have 2 little sisters, one is called Noelia and the other is Keyra. 10 years and 1 year and 5 months
My home
Es bonito
Calle Murillo, Piso 22, 2 izq


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