It is carried out between two members of the community. One of them offers accommodation to another member in exchange for practicing the native language of the member whom he/she is hosting. The guest member therefore has the opportunity to get to know the lifestyle, the culture and the language , of the country that he/she is visiting, with the benefit of accommodation in exchange. In return, the guest will share and practice his/her native language with the host member, as agreed.


Who is this option recommended for?

Adults and young people

Adults and young people that want to get to know other cultures and/or reinforce their language learning by visiting other countries and living together with a native family.


We highly recommend that the guest member should be over 18.
Guest members of our community must have the following characteristics:

  • Curiosity to know about other cultures.
  • Open-minded attitude towards coexistence with people from other countries.
  • "Enthusiasm" for teaching the native language.

Benefits of being a guest member with

Minimum cost The guest member eliminates accommodation expenses (and meals, according to the agreement) in his/her destination. See the item "economic comparative".

The members themselves decide with which other community members they want to make the linguistic exchange according to criteria of age, location, gender, hobbies, etc.

Flexibility in dates. Members agree to the dates and duration of the linguistic exchange.

Assured linguistic immersion. Interest in the linguistic exchange is mutual, which ensures the practice of the language by both parties.

Assured cultural immersion. Host families integrate their guest members into their daily life. The guest shares activities, meals, customs, etc. with the host family therefore getting to know firsthand the culture of the country he/she is visiting.

Economic comparative

(2 weeks in Barcelona, for example)

MyHOSTpitality. There are no accommodation expenses for the guest member.

Youth Hostel. 22€/night in a shared room (six people).

Airbnb. 35€/night, average price in a private room.

Hotel ***. 90€/night, average price in an individual room.

How does it work?

Sign in

Introduce yourself and take part in the community.


Look for other host members with similar interests and hobbies with whom you would like to stay.


Send them a message, introduce yourself, and identify if they are also interested.


Organize your stay and complete the agreement with the host member.


Travel and live with your host family, learn about their lifestyle and culture, and share your native language.


Once you finish, you will value the experience of both your linguistic and cultural stay and your host.

We are currently working on adding new functions to the website. If you are interested, please leave us your registration details and we will notify you with future updates.

Also, we will inform you if there are host members who might fit your profile so you can get started with organizing your stay with them.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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