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Would you like to learn Spanish with a guest?

Guest and host Learn Spanish

Would you like to learn Spanish with a guest?

Equipo de Marketing August 30, 2016

16 guests to learn Spanish without moving from your home

Have you always wanted to learn Spanish but you haven’t had time? Do you think that you are old to learn Spanish in Spain? You can’t travel, but you want to host someone in your house?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, this post is for you. MyHOSTpitality wants to help you to find your ideal guest to host in your house. We leave you a list of 6 guests to make your search easier.



Eva is Law student and she wants to study International Law, for this reason, she needs an excellent level of English. She wants to pause her studies to learn English in the United Kingdom. Also, she will teach you Spanish. She is an easy going person, talkative and smiling.



Juanjo is an economist and linguistic. He has his own online business, an online Spanish school ‘Spanish Lingua’. He leads a group of the Spanish teacher, and also he teaches his native language to students from around the world via the Internet.



Marta is quiet, and she loves sport, read books and cinema. Also, she likes to know people and learn new things. She’d like a London family because she wants to learn English with native persons.



Diana wants to know people and different cultures. She wants to improve her level of English and shares her native language and her culture. She’d like to know a new family and travel with them. Also, she’d like to find a job.



Eduardo wants to travel to The United Kingdom because he wants to find a job there and also he wants to study there. He is a recent graduate of Naval Engineering (MSc Naval Architect and Marine Engineer). He likes walking, the cycling, the martial arts, reading and movies

José Manuel


José Manuel has 25 years old and he is a graduate in Informatics Engineering. His level of English is B1. He is hardworking, responsible, sociable and fun. He likes to do sport, play video games or develop it. He’d like to be in The United Kingdom because he wants to improve his English.



Blanca was in Ireland years ago, and now she wants to move there because she wants to improve her English and she wants to work there. She is outgoing and cheerful, and she likes to travel and know people. She loves cooking.



Laura is a lawyer, and she has lived in Columbia and Turkey. She likes to know new cultures. Also, she has lived in Manchester for some months. She’d like to come back to Manchester for a month to practice English.  She is used to living with people of different nationalities.



Inmaculada is patient, responsible, creative, enthusiastic, loving, constant and cheerful. She lives in Badajoz because she’s studying there.  She was in France in 2010 to improve her languages. She has some university degrees. Also, she likes to dance, read and write, photography.



Daniela is mature, responsible and kind. She lives in Islas Canarias. She has been in France twice, and she speaks a little French. She has always wanted to travel to England for this reason, she thinks that this is her opportunity. She likes football, sing and she loves children.

Francisco Javier


Javier lives in Huelva and he is 27 years old. He’d like to move to England to improve his English. He has always loved everything related with the United Kingdom (the music, tea, rugby, the weather…). He wants to live different experiences there.



Cristina is a person of good character and she likes the countryside and outdoor sports. She likes the hiking, the diving, and the photography. She believes that connivance with other people is a way to make new friends and learn other languages in a nice way.



Irene lives in Valencia, and she’s a professor of primary and secondary education. Also, she’s an instructor in summer. She’s very athletic. She wants to improve her level of English because it’s very important to her profession. Also, she likes to know new people and new cultures.

Ana Belén


Ana Belén is a jolly girl and she likes to know new people, cultures, and places. Also, she likes to have new and good experiences. She wants to improve her English, and she’d like to know other cultures like the British. She is impatient to teach her language and her culture.



Abel is a healthy person and he likes to play the piano. He wants to improve her level of English travelling to other countries. Also, wants to know different cultures and know new people. He will hope to have good experiences travelling and knowing people.



Rosa is a student and she is a cheerful and nice girl but a little shy. She loves to dance, the music of all kinds, watch movies and the sports. Also, she likes to learn languages, knows new people, different places, and cultures.




Learn Spanish with MyHOSTpitality with these guests. If you want to know more about these guests, visit their profiles

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