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Equipo de Marketing June 11, 2015

10 Actual beneficial reasons why you should study abroad

Today, we are going to present 10 actual beneficial reasons why you should study abroad to learn a language.

Learning languages, undoubtedly, is a difficult task, effort and perseverance are required but if you learn the language living in a native country everything will be easier, more enjoyable, and more effective. The reasons are explained here.


1. You’ll be a full-time student.

You’ll live in the environment, in which 24 hours a day you’ll be exposed to the language and everything related with it, all activities and your day to day will be in this environment, what it means to be continuously learning 24 hours a day.


2.  Learn the language more quickly and effortlessly.

You’ll have to practice the language with native speakers who will teach you and correct your errors, you’ll improve pronunciation and understand the language better. Plus you’ll learn to manage everyday activities. In this way, using another language will force you to practice it in a very natural way.


3. Improve your studies and your resume.

Undoubtedly, knowing other languages will improve your academic transcript, enabling you to have access to scholarships and master degrees and which will open the door to many employment opportunities.

If you can say that you have knowledge of another language it will make your resume stand out. It is a way to invest in your future career path.


4. Get to know other cultures.

Immersing yourself in another culture will give you a greater mental flexibility, you’ll learn more about the world and broaden learning horizons. Not only learning the language but living the language!


5. Meeting people and making new friends.

Speaking another language allows you to be able to communicate with different people from different countries, you’ll meet many people that will give you so much, the same as you will.


6. Having another outlook of the world.

Knowing about other countries, different people, diverse cultures, values … allows you to see the world and understand different points of view. You’ll broaden your horizons!


7. The cheapest way to travel.

Thanks to the exchange programme or other modalities such as which MyHOSTpitality offers, you can travel cheaply by staying in the homes of host families, thus saving in accommodation costs in exchange for teaching your own language and culture during the agreed time.


8. Getting to know yourself.

You’ll have countless experiences that will have an impact on your life, you’ll have more self-confidence and have more capacity to adapt to new situations.


9. Break out of the routine.

Study abroad is to learn in a different way, it is living an amazing new adventure which will benefit you very much as a person, an experience that you’ll always remember and never forget!


 10. Take charge of your future.

Throughout your stay you’ll discover what your next challenges are, what you want to achieve, and because knowing yourself better you’ll have a clearer picture about what you would like to do in the future:  travel, working abroad… All of this representing personal growth.


You’ll be part of the integration in a increasingly international world through the exchange of cultural experiences.


After reading all these advantages:  Still don’t want to go abroad and study?Sign up for MyHOSTpitality, organise your language exchange and live and discover these advantages and many more when  you go study abroad!


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