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Equipo de Marketing January 21, 2016

To learn languages in 2016 is a very positive New Year’s Resolution.

We’ve already spoken about Resolutions for this year in one of our previous posts and one of ours was to learn languages, that’s why today we’re going to give you some reasons why you should learn one this year too.

Learning a new language is very positive and beneficial. Here are some reasons that demonstrate it:

  • It improves your CV and training.

Companies nowadays ask for a professional profile that includes other languages as they are getting more and more international and so need professionals capable of communicating with others in order to do business or expand.


  • It makes you stand out.

Not just in the professional field but also socially, knowing a language makes you different. It is a sign of good initiative and culture. It’s a way to stand out from the rest.


  • You can study abroad.

Knowing another language gives you the possibility of asking for grants to go and study abroad for a term with Erasmus or for a Masters. You’ll understand classes and you’ll learn more about the language.


  • It improves your health.

Knowing languages is good for your health; it has huge benefits as it helps to prevent Alzheimer’s. It improves your ability to multitask and enhances your concentration.  Furthermore, it makes decision making and solving problems easier and it improves your memory.

  • It makes making decisions easier.

A study carried out by the University of Chicago shows that learning a foreign language helps you to make quicker and better decisions.


  • You meet more people.

You’ll be able to meet and communicate with other people on trips or at language exchange events for example. You’ll widen your friendship circle and get to know different people’s opinions and so understand different points of view better.


  • You’ll be able to travel more freely.

If you visit a foreign country, you’ll be able to travel around more easily and get to know about their customs, culture and traditions. It’s a big advantage because you’ll be able to communicate with other people without any problems. It will also make your stay easier.


  • You’ll gain confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Speaking another language is always difficult for many people, it embarrasses them. However, once you dominate it, little by little the embarrassment disappears and it gets easier to speak it and so you’ll gain more self-confidence. You’ll be able to communicate with other people more easily and without fear.

Self esteem grows every time you speak the language because you have a higher level of self-sufficiency.


  • It opens your mind.

A new language helps you to understand other people and see the world through different eyes. You’ll be able to understand their behaviour and compare it to others. You’ll be able to verify and see if what your country does is better and this makes you more tolerant and open to others.


  • You’ll become more intelligent.

When you’re learning another language, your brain is stimulated. When you practice it, your brain receives certain stimuli and works in a different way. This makes your intellectual capacity increase.


  • You’ll be able to enjoy other activities.

You could read books in other languages and watch series which haven’t come out in Spanish yet. You’ll be able to appreciate art in a different way, also understand and watch the news in another country and analyse them from a different perspective.


What do you think? Can you tell us any other reasons to learn a new language? Without a doubt, learning a language is highly recommendable as much for your personal and social life as for your professional life.

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