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What can you expect from an Erasmus?

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What can you expect from an Erasmus?

Equipo de Marketing July 21, 2016

Erasmus: a long term investment

At some point of our lives we all get to know that feeling of abandonment when we leave our comfort zone. A feeling that is present when as kids we go to school for the first time, when we first meet our boy/girlfriend’s parents or in this case, when we go on Erasmus to study abroad.

The Erasmus mobility is an opportunity to all those who want to test themselves living in a country with a different culture and language. For someone like me, it’s a unique experience that could be considered the closest thing to be independent. For what the Erasmus mobility implies and by closest recommendations, eventually this experience pays off academically and personally.


Personally, I’d never thought on going on Erasmus when I started college. However, this last year I’ve realized that this experience provides great advantages. Foreign students made me see that studying abroad is an experience that truly challenges anyone and that’s something I witnessed by seeing all those Erasmus students at my university. It was ironic that at the beginning of the course they looked disorientated wandering through the halls as if they didn’t know where to go, whereas in the end, once the course ends, they are the most recognizable students. That’s what caught my attention and that’s what I’m looking for, to be in a different environment on my own and be able to meet new people, new cultures and speak English as much as I can.

Being an Erasmus students implies certain sacrifices, both at a personal and economic level. Not everybody can choose to take this opportunity, either because of economic matters or because of a low language level. Nevertheless, those fortunate people that choose to experience an Erasmus have the possibility to benefit themselves in a long term period of time by proving that they have studied abroad, away from a familiar environment. Without a doubt it’s a way of letting people know that you can obtain great achievements.

Apart from the academic input that the Erasmus mobility grants you, I personally consider that the fact of leaving on your own is an opportunity to grow up even more by finding yourself in some situations where you won’t be able to go to your parents. Because of that, I think an Erasmus should be done alone and once you are in the student residence or the corresponding university, you interact and socialize with whoever you want; this is one of the reasons that motivates me to carry on with the mobility.

MyHOSTpitality: alternative to your Erasmus

Like most people, I love travelling. The possibility to travel thanks to an Erasmus grant, with all the involving benefits, implies a unique opportunity to practice a second language and discover new cultures. A way to learn languages, travel and meet new people without accommodation costs is signing in MyHOSTpitality. By being part of the community, the members have the possibility to apply for the services that MyHOSTpitality offers, whether is the modality of a host, a guest or an exchange. Being a member of the community allows you direct contact with other members in order to organize the stay or linguistic exchange, so you can save contacting intermediate people.

Depending on the selected modality, MyHOSTpitality assists you to find accommodation in return for a language exchange. This is why it can be compared with the Erasmus mobility, both involve travelling, living abroad, meeting people, cultures, but above all learning.

There are plenty of ways to travel and learn languages, but there are very few that allow you to do it in a direct, easy and economical way, MyHOSTpitality is one of them.

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