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Another way to learn languages: cultural international festivals

Learn languages Traditions and festivals

Another way to learn languages: cultural international festivals

Equipo de Marketing July 28, 2016

Learn languages with cultural festivals

In Spain, there are a lot of cultural festivals during the year. In this post, MyHOSTpitality shows you the two most important international festivals of the classic theatre that each summer are celebrated in Spain. These festivals can be a great opportunity to learn languages and discover new cultures.

Besides, during this summer we will be writing more posts about cultural events in Spain and the UK, so you encourage yourself to make cultural exchanges in order to learn English and learn Spanish.

Merida’s international festival of classic theatre

Merida’s international festival of classic theatre is the oldest festival that is celebrated in Spain, apart from being the most important one of its genre. It’s one of the most important cultural events of great repercussion of the summer.

This festival is celebrated every year, in the months of July and August, this year specifically between the 6th of July and the 28th of August. It started to be celebrated in 1933, but the representation hasn’t been continuous since there have been years where it hasn’t been celebrated.  Since 1954 it has been celebrated without interruption, with a total of 61 editions.

The representations take place in Roman theatre of Merida. As well as the festival itself, it’s one of the oldest in the world. It’s the most iconic monument of Merida and is located within the Roman city by the wall.


The festival is defined as classic, modern and timeless. It is a cultural event where the past, the future and the present coexist between each other. Since 2012 this festival is considered to be one of the most important cultural events in the country, with a public that reaches historical figures and of course a great tourist attraction. It shows a wide variety of genres and titles. Apart from the theatre, in the city of Merida, you can find some other Festival scenarios, for example, the Citadel, Diana’s temple, the Forum or the Thermal baths.

This festival not only has a theatre, there are other activities that overlap, exhibitions, cinema, workshops, lectures, international field study, etc. This year there will be an innovation, a master class taught by Jose Luis Alonso de Santos (famous author and director) and besides, there will be storytellers for children.

Almagro’s International Festival of Classic Theatre


Almagro’s International Festival of Classic Theatre has been celebrated for over 38 years. It appeared in 1954 by the discovery of the comedy theatre. Besides, Almagro had an iconic Baroque building where the 16th and 17th centuries representations usually took place. Nowadays it’s one of the buildings best preserve from the Spanish Golden Age.

This festival has turned into a gathering that every theatre fan cannot miss, it’s a unique and cultural experience in the world. It usually lasts 24 days, specifically this year goes from July 7 to July 31.

In this festival, the Baroque legacy and the Spanish Golden Age are updated and revived. It gathers around 60000 people per year. You can find different events, activities, performances, music shows, dance shows that are done during the month of July. This city is transformed into one big scenario where some lines and comedians from all over the world join together with the spectators and tourists. The magic of theatre can be seen in every corner of Almagro.

The city of Almagro is recognised as a historical – artistic site. Each summer Almagro transforms itself into a space for arts development. The main square of the city, which has a medieval origin, is the centre of all activity.

Travel and enjoy these two international festivals with MyHOSTpitality so you can learn languages

If what you enjoy is classic theatre, you mustn’t miss these two events that you can take advantage to learn languages.

If you want to travel to Spain to enjoy these festivals and you don’t have an accommodation MyHOSTpitality proposes you to join its community in order to make the trip as economical as possible. It’s very easy, you only have to find a host, who live in these cities, and you have to offer your native language in exchange for accommodation. This way you will get a free accommodation.

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