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Study abroad in Spain: advices to study at the university

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Study abroad in Spain: advices to study at the university

Equipo de Marketing September 29, 2016

Young students often want to study abroad in Spain for an unforgettable experience!

It is well known that Spain is an attractive country and one of the most visited worldwide. Hence to it that when a young person decides to study a degree or master a lot of people see themselves reflected on him.

It is normal that before the experience has started, the youngster, who has decided to study abroad in Spain, is nervous for all the preparations. That is why there is an unforgettable recommendation: you have to be the most self-sufficient you can be when you decide to study abroad.

From MyHostpitality we want to help you with some advice that, in our opinion, are elemental to organise a good study trip in Spain and be able to live an unforgettable experience the safest way.

1. Make a list with everything you want to take from your home country and all the tasks you need to do.

As you will be quite nervous it is easier to forget anything that you want to take or you need to do. The best solution is to write everything you want to take down (glasses, laptop, medicines…) and every important date and action that you might need to remember.

2. Prepare for the trip.

Preparing for the trip doesn’t mean to forget all your previous duties; it means to be prepared for the time you will leave your home country. The most important thing you have to have prepared is all the needed documentation for your trip (passport, visa…). Don’t forget to bring a book or a film to make your trip more pleasant, due to the long trips that sometimes you need to make.

3. Keep in mind that you will most likely have to change the coin.

The majority of the people think that the best place to change money is the airport, and that is true, however they take advantage of it and by earning huge charges. Due to it, it is important that you get information at your bank to see if it is better and easier to change it at your home country or to know where the charges are lower at the time of changing money at your study abroad country. The most important solution is not to leave everything for the last moment.

4. Which are the clothes that you should bring with you?

Before you start to make the luggage you must know well the usual weather of the city you are going to live in, because it can change drastically depending on the area of Spain. However, you need to be practical: try to bring clothes for any kind of climate due to the variations.

2. Get involved with the country’s culture.

When you decide to study abroad in Spain the first thing that you have to do is to be aware of their culture, at least of one part; timetables, meals, gap hours, if there is any discount card, transport card, entries to museums, etc.

6. Get to know the city you are going to live in

It is important to buy a touristic book and scroll through internet to know how the city is, its ambient, where does the people usually go, which transport you can use and where are the best areas to rent an apartment.

7. ¡Do not forget to talk with the university where you are going to study abroad in Spain!

This advice is the most important of them all. Before you travel to your new destination you need to know perfectly the university you will study at. That is why you must know if there is any agreement with your home university and if the study plans apply for you.

Do you have in mind to study abroad in Spain and you don’t have an apartment yet?

If after deciding to study abroad in Spain a degree or master you still don’t have a place to stay, don’t worry! MyHostpitality has the solution: join our community and look for a Spanish host that will offer you free stay at his house. In exchange you will only need to talk your native language with him for an amount of hours per day.

Below we leave you other entries to our blog so you can get to know more about studying in Spain.

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