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Equipo de Marketing June 18, 2015

Learn Spanish and study abroad in Spain.

Are you considering the possibility to learn Spanish? Would you like to get to know the Spanish culture? Come to Spain and live the language and culture first-hand by visiting their sites, knowing their customs and learning the Spanish language by natives.

Learning languages, undoubtedly, is a difficult task, effort and perseverance are required but if you learn the language living in a native country everything will be easier, more enjoyable, and more effective. in another previous article of MyHOSTpitality, mentioned ten beneficial reasons that they should study abroad.

You can read it here.


Spain is one of the most popular destinations for study abroad by American students. It is an ideal country for immersion in the Spanish language and also, cultural immersion.

This country is suitable for all tastes, if you like the beach, you will find many different destinations where you can enjoy them as the sun coast. If, instead, you prefer the mountain you have plenty of places to choose as the mountainous region of Cataluña or the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Also, you can choose other destinations, if you like nature Spain has magnificent natural parks such as the Tablas de Daimiel or the Nature Park Monfragüe. If you like the sport and the adventures, Spain account with good climatic conditions and infrastructure for this type of practice as the hot air balloon ride, parachuting, plane and of course, football.  It is a country for all tastes!

To discover more places and Spanish destinations look at the following linkage of 53 wonderful places that you can find and see in Spain. Definitely worth a visit!


To study abroad in Spain you will live an amazing international experience. Spain is a destination with an environment filled with passion. Its rich heritage, their history, their customs, the gastronomy or traditions will not leave you indifferent. You will get used quickly to its popular holidays and night holidays and to its incredible sceneries and monuments.  It´s is a destination that will not let you down. There are always things to do!

Well, what are the advantages of studying Spanish in Spain?

Here, we explain to you five beneficial reasons for which it is better to study Spanish in Spain.

1. A language of the future.

Speak Spanish means that you can communicate with more than 495 million of people worldwide it is one of the languages more spoken in the world, it´s spoken in five continents. Learn spanish you will open many doors in your career and you will have access to a new world of people.

2. Learning process.

Because it is the fastest and easiest way to learn a language. It combines your studies of grammar, conversations with native speakers and live in a 100% Spanish atmosphere. This process helps you to learn in a simpler and faster way than other methods such as going only a few hours to classes.

3. Being a member of a Spanish family.

You will be one more member in a Spanish family, you will be able to practice your knowledge, correct your errors and learn while you live with your host family and you realize activities, excursions, meals, debates,  watch TV, etc.

4. Greater motivation.

Living in the country will make you involved, you need to perform routine activities such as shopping or take a bus. You learn the language constantly and in this way, you’ll operate yourself while your level of Spanish increases and is more fluid.

5. Spain is different.

Last proposed reason, because it is a fabulous destination.  It is full of enchanting landscapes and charming, as we have already explained above, in Spain you have different options of cities according to your preferences for your stay. You won’t have time to get bored!


With you can study abroad in Spain by searching and selecting your perfect host family and learn the language and get to know their culture enjoying a series of advantages that our community offers you like cost reduction, agreement of the conditions between your family and you, flexibility of dates and many others that you can see on our web page.


Sign up now and study abroad in Spain! Once you start learning Spanish and get to know their culture you will not want to stop.


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