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Equipo de Marketing June 2, 2016


Do you remember that the other day we wrote a post about different Spanish courses that were taught in Spain and where you could go during the academic year? Do you also remember that there were half time courses and complete time courses?

Well, today we want to introduce another option for those parents who do not want their children to go to another country for a whole year or for those parents whose children are in the last two years before university or even, for children who, on their own feet, want to go abroad for a month, two or the whole summer and coexist with natives while learning Spanish.

¡No! We are not talking about the typical Spanish courses where English people live in a student residence only with people of their own nationality and go to class together. In which, the group of friends is not multicultural. In which, at the end of these, “immersion weeks” your son will return home without having learned any Spanish.

We’re talking about something completely new, that involves a 100% interaction during 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Spanish people.

In short, we are talking about summer camps that allow English children both, learn Spanish and have fun so that they enjoy summer to the fullest!

Which are the options proposed by MyHOSTpitality?

  • Summer Camp full board

In this Spanish camp children will be supervised by professionals and native monitors 24 hours throughout their stay in the camp. This camp includes all meals, accommodation for children and Spanish classes, in addition to sports and leisure activities taking place throughout the day.

  • Day Camp

It is ideal for children who do not want to stay in a student residence or boarding school and want to enjoy 100% of the language immersion experience, so they decide to choose a stay with local families. The student will attend classes and leisure activities in the morning while in the afternoon he/she will be with the host family doing the activities they have planned such as hiking, cinema, bowling …

  • Spanish course

Perhaps neither you, nor your son are interested in the camp, either because you consider unnecessary or because you prefer that your child interacts more with the native family he/she will be living with.

If this is your case, this is your camp! So, what your son can do is attend only to the Spanish classes that will be taught every morning from Monday to Friday, thus having the chance to enjoy more time with your host family.

  • Junior camp

And if your child is older and independent and wants to enjoy the experience of living abroad with more freedom and fewer restrictions this is the best option for him. A day camp in which the number of hours per day is voluntary. During the day, your children have to be in the centre where they will perform leisure activities through which they will learn Spanish. Supervision is quite moderate and is the child himself, who decides the days and hours he wants to go.

MyHOSTpitality proposes a different model to stay while you  learn Spanish.

This model consists of, instead of renting an apartment or look for a student residence, the students will stay with a Spanish host family, with whom he/she will share experiences, make excursions, learn the language, have fun going to the cinema or having dinner. At the end of the summer, they will become his/her “second family”.

With MyHOSTpitality, you will find a host family that will make your summer unforgettable. The only thing you have to do is to register on the web ( as a guest and choose among all our families, the one that best suits your preferences.

We know that one of the best ways to learn a language is having fun while you do it. From MyHOSTpitality, we want anyone to have the opportunity to learn Spanish, either during the course or during summer so why don’t you try a summer camp in Spain while you are staying with a host family?

Get informed know in

Live a new experience this summer with MyHOSTpitality, we are waiting for you!



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