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Equipo de Marketing February 4, 2016

Try these tricks to lose your fear of speaking foreign languages.

Does speaking other languages scare you? Do you get nervous when you have to speak a language that isn’t yours? Does your mind go blank when someone speaks to you in a foreign language? If that’s the case, don’t worry; we’re going to help you by giving you some tips on how to overcome this fear.


Speaking in the language is the most complicated part of learning another language. Most people understand it, read it and write it but, when it comes to speaking, find it more difficult. One of the reasons that this happens to so many people is because of fear, among other things. The fear of not pronouncing well, that people will laugh, they won’t understand or that we’ll make a fool of ourselves.


When faced with that fear, people tend to give many excuses such as ‘I don’t know what I have to say’, ‘I can’t find the words’, ‘I don’t know how to pronounce it’, ‘no-one’s going to understand me’ etc…

These are excuses that we ourselves give, but we have to remedy this and so, here you have some tips to help you overcome this fear:

  • Listen to songs in other languages.

Listening to music in another language is an excellent way to get used to listening to the intonation. Listen to songs with the lyrics so you can practice.


  • Watch series or films in other languages.

Another way to get used to hearing another language is watching series and films. You can put the subtitles on to understand the conversation and see how the actors pronounce. This is also a good idea for learning new vocabulary.


  • Have conversations with yourself.

You can talk to yourself out loud when you’re alone. By doing this, you’ll check your pronunciation and you can correct yourself. You can ask yourself questions and answer them; this is a good way to start to lose your inhibitions.


  • Talk to your friends.

Find a friend or two to meet up and practice with, talking about how your day has gone or any other topic you like; sports, music, the news etc.

As they’re people you know, you won’t be so embarrassed.

  • Go to language exchanges at bars.

When you think you’re ready, you can go to bars where they organise language exchanges, you’ll speak to unknown natives of other countries in the same situation as you. You can help the other person and they’ll help you. Without a doubt, you’ll improve your pronunciation and your comprehension. Once you’ve done it once, you’ll go back time and again because you’ll see what a help it is.


One step further is to go as a guest to another country and stay with a host family. In this situation, you won’t have a choice but to get over your fear and speak the foreign language to communicate with your family. Little by little you’ll understand more and lose the fear. Besides, when you leave the house, you’ll face real situations and have to talk.

If you want to know more about trips abroad to learn languages, visit our website and go to the guest option.


If you don’t want or don’t have the time to go abroad, you can host a native at home. You’ll be able to practice daily with your guest while you do daily tasks. You’ll speak while you cook, eat, watch the news etc…

This is also a great idea for losing your fear of talking in another language. Bit by bit, you’ll gain trust each other’s trust so you won’t be afraid to talk with them or to get confused because they’ll help you to improve your pronunciation and to maintain a conversation.



And after all these tricks, you’re ready to talk and practice without anxiety. You’ll be able to travel and speak to other people and to make new friends.

Your fear will disappear little by little.



These are some of the tips and tricks that we suggest to lose your fear of speaking in another language. If you think of any others, you can tell us about them so other members of your community can see and use them.

Start and use these tricks to talk!


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