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Best way of traveling as a Spanish learning student with a local host family abroad

Guest and host Learn Spanish

Best way of traveling as a Spanish learning student with a local host family abroad

Equipo de Marketing May 26, 2017

Best way of traveling as a Spanish learning student with a local host family abroad

One popular option when doing a language exchange is staying with a host family abroad; however, many people are unsure of what living with strangers is really like and how it can benefit them in the long-run.

host family abroad

Being involved in a language exchange and going abroad is a unique experience. This is a necessity for anyone who wants to learn a language as it provides total cultural and linguistic immersion. There are many housing options when going abroad, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. To take advantage of the experience and immerse yourself completely in the country you are traveling to the go to option is a host family.


Being with a host family abroad is a great option when you go abroad whether to study or to work. However, people often wonder why it would not be better to live in a residence or apartment abroad, along with many other doubts. But don’t worry! We’ll take care of your doubts!


In this post, we will teach you everything you need to know about staying with a host family abroad. You will also see why it is the most recommended option by everyone who has done a language exchange, regardless of age or language proficiency level.


Being with a host family has multiple advantages, such as the following:

You will know the culture of the country first hand. There is nothing like being with a family in a foreign country and experience how they dress, what they eat their customs, and other cultural aspects of their life. It will be an unforgettable experience!

You will speak your language of interest often. If you go to a residence or a similar housing option, you can be with students from all over the world. This is great, but it also has a big drawback. In the end, you will communicate in a language other than the one you have travelled to learn. For this reason, you should stay with a host family and learn the language!

You will feel more comfortable. In the end, you will be in a house, with a room and a family that is willing to take care of you and make you feel at home.

host family abroad

Food. You will always have a cooked meal. The opposite scenario applies if you go to a residence, where you prepare each of your meals. Also, what better way to know the food of foreign country and explore its culture than by having access to some delicious home-made dishes.

Traveling. When you build trust with your host family abroad, many of them will take you to different places. These places tend to be known only by the natives. Also, if you do not travel with your host family they can give great recommendations of places for you to visit.

Freedom. Even if you are with your host family you will always have the freedom to move, travel, be with the friends you make, or enjoy a night out … It is not a jail!

Peace of mind for your parents. Your parents will know that there is someone caring for you in every way and that in case of an emergency your host family will be there to take care of you and do what it is necessary.

If this is not enough, before you go to a foreign country you also have the option of talking with different possible host families abroad to see which one suits you best.

You must be thinking, “It cannot all be this perfect.” As with everything, being with ahost family abroad host family abroad has its drawbacks as well. Each host family is a world, and you will also have to try to fit in with them. However, it does not all have to be your job! Your host family will also put in the effort to make you feel at home. Another big d
rawback is the cost of an experience like this one. Many people who have finally set out to go abroad realize that they cannot afford it.

We also have the solution for this issue! Thanks to having our own community and relying on a collaborative economy, MyHOSTpitality reduces the price of staying with
a host family by 80% compared to other traditional companies so that you will no longer have an excuse!

Another aspect to keep in mind is that host families do not have any legal responsibility for the student they host. They are hosts, and in the end what is expected of them is a treatment like that given to the rest of the members of their family, with affection and attention so that the student is integrated in the most natural way possible into the family. Therefore, at MyHOSTpitality we facilitate language learning through language immersion experiences, living with natives 24 hours a day. As discussed earlier, our collaborative model allows members of our community to organize these language exchange experiences or language stays. We have three modalities: exchange, host, and guest.

The host-guest modalities mean that the guest will go to the house of the host family and, as we have said, live with them. All for free! The only thing you, the guest, need to do is sympathize with your host and teach him your language for the agreed hours.

host family abroad

If you have any doubts about MyHOSTpitality or any of our modalities, do not hesitate to comment or write us at


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  1. Dinorasoto June 11, 2017

    Me gustaría esto es sensacional yo puedo
    Recibir a una persona solo por los momentos yo no puedo ir de intercambio
    Pero si ya puedo recibir a alguien que me ayude con el inglés y yo le. Enseño el español

    1. m.angeles leon June 12, 2017


      Si quieres realizar la opción de anfitrión y acoger a alguien, solo tienes que entrar en nuestra comunidad registrándote aquí y buscando a personas que quieran ser invitados, es muy sencillo.

      Para cualquier cosa, ¡no dudes en comentárnoslo!

      Un saludoo

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