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Equipo de Marketing May 26, 2016


The course is running out and many of you will probably go, during these three months, to your beach house, will travel to some exotic country with many landmarks and places to visit or even, will go abroad to improve or learn a language through immersion courses or coexistence with native speakers.

However, before you go on holidays, you will leave all the paperwork done so that your children remain enrolled for the new academic year at their school.

But what if you raise a new option? What if your children improve their English 24 hours a day while still studying the subjects that correspond to their academic year but in another country? What if you give your son the chance to enjoy a complete language immersion?

With MyHOSTpitality this is possible!

Languages are so important in nowadays society. Therefore, MyHOSTpitality tries to offer its members the possibility of coming to Spain and to spend some time learning or improving their Spanish.

In Spain, you can find many courses to learn Spanish. These courses are usually taught in the most mythical cities, the ones that have the highest number of visitors and the most representative landmarks. The greatest Spanish courses are located in university cities such as Granada, Salamanca, Tenerife, Alicante, Cadiz, Marbella, Pamplona, Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Seville, Malaga and Valencia.

Here you have some of the most interesting ones! You should look up them if you are thinking about going to Spain to spend your academic year there.

  • Intensive General

It is designed to let students learn Spanish quickly through constant interaction. All classes are taught in Spanish, regardless of the course. Teachers try to create practical situations for students in order to let them communicate and interact among themselves. 25 classes of 55 minutes each are taught per week. The maximum amount of students per class are 10 with a minimum age of 14 years. The course can be up to 36 weeks.

  • Super Intensive

Designed for students who want to learn everything possible and acquire sufficient fluidity during their stay. It combines two different courses, intensive and conversation, at the same time. It includes everything, from grammar to conversation. It is recommended for students whose level of Spanish is intermediate or higher. The number of classes per week are 30 and, as the first one, the course can be up 36 weeks.

  • Conversation classes

This course is the best choice to become a good conversationalist. It is designed for students who already have a good level of grammar and theory. Classes include discussions, debates, songs, conversations. It is a fairly flexible course in relation to time. The course consists of 15 lessons per week of 50 minutes each. The maximum of weeks of this course is 8.

  • Half day

If you want to have free time or you are in your academic year and you don’t have enough time to spend the whole day in a course, this is your best option. It only requires a couple of hours per day, so you can enjoy all that one of these wonderful cities can offer you. The duration of this Spanish course varies from 1 to more than 36 weeks.

  • Intensive Premium

Is a more dynamic and personalised course for reduced groups with the option of choosing private lessons with specialised content according to your needs. If you choose the first option, group classes, you will learn Spanish with only 2 more students. A number of 20 classes per week of 55 minutes each are taught. The duration is up to 2 weeks.

  • Individual course

The classes are tailored to the needs of students. It is a good course if you want to learn more specific vocabulary related to your job. The main characteristic is that the duration of the course is flexible.

  • Spanish teachers

If your job is teaching Spanish and you are not born in Spain this is your Spanish course. It is taught individually or in groups for one or two weeks, the number of weekly classes are 30 of 55 minutes each. The minimum level required is the same as a Spanish teacher.

  • Internships

One of the best chances to learn Spanish is to practice it in Spain. You can look for an internship in Spain. Many international companies offer the possibility of working in their Spanish delegation so, why you don’t try it?

You have the chance of choosing the Spanish course that suits more with you and if you don’t know where to stay you can do it with a native family.

Choose MyHOSTpitality for your stay while doing different Spanish courses!

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on accommodation and you want to experiment the Spanish culture completely, the only thing you have to do is to join our community. Then, you have to search for a native family in the city you are going to do the course. Contact them and set the dates you are going to stay in their house. They will be delighted to show you the city and their language. In exchange, you will only have to speak your native language with them during some hours a day.

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