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Equipo de Marketing January 7, 2016

Have you made your list of plans to explore life in 2016?

Every time a New Year starts, people think about their New Year’s resolutions, new goals to achieve, new objectives to reach, new avenues to explore life. So, we’ve made a list of ours which we would like to share with you, as we’re sure that some of them will be the same as yours!


  • Do sport.

This is one that comes up every year. We want to look healthy and good.

Doing exercise is an obligatory part of leading a healthy life; the benefits are not only physical but mental aswell.

Doing sport improves your physical performance, strengthens your bones, helps control your weight and above all, it makes you feel happy about yourself.

It’s a way to reduce the stress in your personal and working life.

You could join a gym or practice on your own.


  • Save money.

Another common resolution, and even more so now that we’re in an economic crisis, is saving money.

We have to stop treating ourselves so much and spending money on things we don’t really need.

Saving money is usually for a specific activity like travelling, going to a concert or buying something that we’ve wanted for a long time.

We’re saving up to travel, to go to other places and get to know other cultures, which is what we like.



  • Look after the environment.

Every day it gets more and more important to look after the environment. Contamination is ever more present in our daily lives and it’s only going to get worse.

We need to take care of our surroundings because global warming brings various problems for the health of humanity with it. This is why we’re going to learn to recycle, save energy and use more public transport among other things this year.

Here are some tricks to help you care for the environment:


  • Dedicate more time to others.

With so much time spent at work, the gym and on other tasks, we hardly dedicate any to our friends, parents and children.

So, another of our resolutions is to dedicate more time to people we love, to spend more time together. We have to try to take time out of our day and spend it with these people. You could find time at the weekend, in the evenings, before going to sleep and meet up to have lunch or a coffee… There’s more than enough time so stop making excuses!


  • Taking time for ourselves.

While it is important to dedicate time to others, it’s also important to dedicate time to ourselves. Work, stress and daily chores are so mundane that they make us forget about ourselves. We need to set aside time for us to relax and be better and more positive in our daily lives.

Having a massage, visiting a spa, going on a mini-break or doing some exercise could be good for you.

You need to look after your inner well-being as well as your outer wellness.


  • Learn languages.

A fashionable resolution nowadays is to learn a language. This is because knowing another language is very important, especially for the world of education and the world of work.

There is an increasing number of businesses making knowing a language a requirement. This is due to the fact that they are more and more international. As for the world of education, speaking another language is important to be able to get grants, and do a Masters or get a university degree.

Some people think it’s something boring and difficult. But we have a fun, easy and practical way to learn languages. As a member of our community, you’ll be able to learn languages without leaving your house by practicing with a native speaker or travelling to another country and staying with a host family. Visit our website to find out more about language exchanges.


  • Travel

All of us love travelling, seeing other places, experiencing other cultures and traditions.

People travel for many different reasons; to meet people, to visit monuments, to have a break or a new experience.

Travelling fills your imagination; it makes you more tolerant, makes you feel freer and understand different points of views. It fills you with energy, makes you forget about your problems and your daily routine and helps you to lose your fears.

Being able to travel has huge advantages although some people think that money is a drawback. Travelling can be costly but with MyHOSTpitality, you can travel and get free accommodation as you’ll be able to stay with a host family and you choose the conditions. If you want to know more about how to travel without paying for accommodation then register on our website.


These are our resolutions for 2016. Do any of them match yours? What other resolutions have you made this year? And the most important question: Will you keep them? That’s our challenge!


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