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The new online community where to organize your exchanges or linguistic stays abroad

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The new online community where to organize your exchanges or linguistic stays abroad

Equipo de Marketing January 14, 2015
Compartir is an online community directed to families, young people and professionals with concern for language learning and cultural exchange through the coexistence with native people in the language of interest.

The members of this community will have the possibility of contacting with other members and agreeing the exchange or stay that is more adapted to its necessities and circumstances, performing the management and agreement directly between them throught our platform.

This way, the traditional agencies as intermediaries are eliminated and it becomes possible to reduce therefore the costs, being able to enjoy this cultural experience of languages at an accessible price, and increasing therefore the number of persons who will be able to have access to the same one.


Easy accessing to learn languages by linguistic and cultural immersion with native speakers through coexistence.


We want to be the on-line community leader in managing a platform of linguistic and cultural exchanges and stays organized directly between its members.


  • To promote opportunities for learning languages by linguistic and cultural immersion experiences.
  • To promote coexistence, hospitality and tolerance among people of other countries, cultures and languages.
  • To create a safe and trustworthy community

Our online community will soon be operative on internet. If you are interested, go to our community landing page, give us your e-mail, and we will let you know when the web becomes available.

If you have any questions, give us your comments or send us an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as posible.

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