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Would you like to do an exchange to learn Spanish?

Exchange Learn Spanish

Would you like to do an exchange to learn Spanish?

Equipo de Marketing September 8, 2016

Learn Spanish with an exchange is easy thanks to MyHOSTpitaliy

Have always you wanted to do a language exchange but the costs are very high? Your dream is to visit a country where people speak English because you want to learn Spanish, but you haven’t had the opportunity yet? If you want to do a language exchange for learning English, this article is for you.

How you have seen in previous posts, MyHOSTpitality wants to help you find a host, a guest or your exchange. For this reason, in this post, we show you our 10 best options to language exchange.


Celia is 22 years old, she’s indiscreet and funny. She likes to learn languages, for this reason, she wants to improve her English and knows to new cultures. She likes to go to the beach, eating out and going to the disco. Also, she likes to travel and know new people. In her family are 4 girls, her mum, her sister and her grandmother, and she lives with her grandmother in Barcelona. She wants to do an exchange with someone who has her same age and her same hobbies. Her house is small, she has two rooms but she has a lot of beds. All is very organized, and also there is a big terrace.



Sonia is a student who is 14 years old. She lives in Seville with her mother and her sister, because her parents are separated. Also, they have a dog. They live in a chalet with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a terrace with pool. Also, they live near her grandparents and her uncles. Although she doesn’t live with her father, she sees him a lot. She’d like to find a girl to London to do an exchange. She doesn’t speak English, but her aunt yes. For this reason, the other person doesn’t have to worry to the adaptation.

Jesu is 29 years old and lives in Madrid in a big house with a garden. He wants to do an exchange because he wants to learn English, but he doesn’t mind to do an exchange with another person who speaks another language. He wants to know other peoples and different cultures. He is quiet and he likes to do sport and he likes to be with friends. He only will be able to be there a month. However, the other person will be able to be in his house more time.


Carmen is 17 years old and she lives in a small village in Albacete with her parents, her 3 sisters and her brother. They live in a big house, which is located in the centre of town, with 4 floors, 6 bedrooms, 2 kitchens and a terrace. She’d like to study international relations and modern languages. Her mother is secretary and her father is a doctor. All her brothers are studying.


Llanos is 14 years old and she lives with her parents and her two brothers. They live in a flat in Madrid, which has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room with a big screen. They like to do things together, and they like music and cinema. Llanos is a normal girl, who likes to have fun, go out with her friends, to travel and know new people. She likes to study because she has good grades.


Mario is 42 years old and he lives in Mallorca with her son, who is 15 years old. They live alone because Mario is divorced. They live in a modern apartment. He is a nice, adaptable and cheerful person. He likes to get to know people and other cultures. He likes to do excursions, walk, swimming and read. He prefers to do an exchange with a man between 25-45 years old.


Prado is 15 years old and she lives with her parents and her brother in Madrid. They live in a duplex with the terrace, garden, and pool. The person who will come of exchange will have to share her room, but don’t worry because it is spacious. She likes to know different places. She has travelled with her parents for over the world, and the last years, she did an exchange in France. She has a good relationship with her French sister. She adapts easily to different situations. She likes the photography, the fashion, and the kitchen.


Luis is 14 years old and he lives with his parents and his two brothers in Alicante.  He likes to read and play with his Play Station. He’d like to practice his English. His mother is a teacher and his father is a psychologist. They live in a small house which has a garden with pool.


María is 38 years old and she lives with her partner, Pedro, in a nice and comfortable apartment in Barcelona. They are quiet, and they like to go out with their friends. They like football and they like to walk on the beach. She’d like to know other cultures and languages. She likes to travel and visit museums. She is looking for an exchange with native English, who want to improve his Spanish.


Gregorio is 51 years old and he lives with her wife and his two children. They live in a chalet with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a garden in Valladolid. He and his wife are teachers, children do ballet and one of them plays the piano. He would like their children to learn English in English while playing with other children. He passed an exam of English 17 years ago, but he hasn’t practiced it. They’d like to that the exchange will be with the complete family (parents and children).

If you want to know more about those families to do a language exchange, you have to visit their profiles. If you aren’t a member of our community, don’t think more, join us. Now you only have to choose between all our members. Doing a language exchange with MyHOSTpitality is very easy and economic. Don’t lose this opportunity.

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