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Equipo de Marketing November 19, 2015

If you’re going abroad, first live with a host family to learn Spanish

If you’re thinking about travelling abroad, it’s normal to have fears and insecurities because beginnings can be difficult. You need to get used to living in a completely unknown city where the customs will be different to your country’s and you’ll also have to communicate in another language; you may feel disoriented, out of place or lost.

This situation is normal and those will be the first challenges you’ll have to face when you move to another country. If your destination is England, then you’re lucky because in our MyHOSTpitality community, we help you to organise your stay in an easy, simple and cheap way. And staying with an Spanish host family could be a good option to start an adventure in Spain.

So, our recommendation is that if you’re going abroad to learn spanish live with a host family for the first few weeks or months so that everything’s easier for you.

What are the advantages of lodging with an Spanish host family?

  • To start with, you’ll have someone to pick you up from the airport which is a great help because you won’t have to negotiate public transport and you start using your Spanish as soon as you get to your destination.
  • They’ll show you around the neighbourhood where your family lives, how to get around the city or how to get to the university.
  • You’ll be able to see other places in the company of your family, enjoying weekend get-aways or visiting and getting to know towns near to your destination city.
  • They’ll help you to find places where you can practice your favourite hobbies and tell you about public services (sporty or cultural) in the city.
  • You’ll meet friends of the family and your social circle will be wider than just exclusively from university.
  • Jobs and training. They’ll also be able to help you to find where to look for jobs or do language courses, where to find language schools etc.
  • Culture and tradition. You’ll dive into the culture, customs and traditions and you’ll celebrate parties Spanish style.
  • Gastronomy. You’ll get to know and try Spanish gastronomy, you’ll learn recipes, cook and try them while you enjoy pleasant conversations with your host family. You’ll enjoy a healthy and balanced, excellent Mediterranean diet.
  • Learn Spanish. And it’s clear that learning Spanish as a guest will be easier, given that you’ll have to communicate with your hosts and so you’ll be practicing and improving your pronunciation. You’ll be understanding and having your mistakes corrected, losing your inhibitions and getting better at expressing yourself. Your learning will also be quicker!

Find an English host family with MyHOSTpitality.


To find a host family in Spain, you just have to join our MyHOSTpitality community. On our website,, you can find a family; you only have to register as a guest and look for the family that best fits your likes and preferences and obviously that lives in the city you decide to go to.


With MyHOSTpitality you’ll be able to enjoy a few advantages such as: you organise everything yourself. Apart from choosing the family you want, you also agree the conditions and the duration of the stay with them. It won’t cost you anything, yes the lodging will be free, you just have to share your language with your host family for the allotted amount of time a day.

This way, you’ll be assured a linguistic and cultural immersion, you’ll be speaking Spanish all the time and you’ll be sharing and learning about culture, customs, traditions and gastronomy; sharing your day to day through living together.


In conclusion, it’s a good idea to try living with an Spanish host family for the first few weeks while you learn to get around the city, to find a place to live, to make new friends and learn Spanish first hand about the customs, traditions, language, culture and gastronomy of Spain.

If you have any questions, contact with us and we’ll respond as quickly as possible. You can send us an email to or find us on Facebook or Twitter

What do you think? Doesn’t it sound like a great idea for the beginning of a new adventure?


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