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Equipo de Marketing July 9, 2015

Spanish conversation with native speakers.

The Spanish is considered one of language of the future and has 325 million native speakers. It is the second most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese and is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and one of the most used in the business world.

It is the mother tongue of prominent writers, playwrights and poets and also the Spanish is official language in more than twenty countries and is spoken in the five continents.

Undoubtedly, a language that will open many doors in your professional career and will give you access to a new world of people to meet.


In the global world in which we live, speaking a second language is essential and Spanish is more important every day. If you are considering the possibility of learning a second language, Spanish is a good choice.

If someone ask us which is the best and most correct and effective way of learning Spanish, our answer would be: studying and learning with people and teachers who were born and live in the mentioned country.


Advantages of learning Spanish with Spanish conversation

  • Updated Language: The language is changing day by day. The native Spanish will speak with you in a natural way with the most used language on the street and the new expressions and “slang”.
  • Culture: learning a language is also getting to know the culture and history and this is best understood when it is explained by a person who has been born and lived there.
  • Accent: It is important pronounce the words correctly so that we can be understood, so this give us more confidence in ourselves to speak a new language.
  • Different ways to learn: a native will have more resources as typical songs, games, or stories, folk tales or traditions.

This way is simple, fast and reliable, you will learn in a natural way and you will get a fluent Spanish, in addition you will save money, get a personal experience and meet new friends.

Spanish Conversation Examples


Spanish conversation with MyHOSTpitality.


  1. Become a guest. The guest stays at a Spanish family therefore has the opportunity to get to know the lifestyle, the culture and the language, of the country that he/she is visiting, with the benefit of accommodation in exchange. In return, the guest will share and practice spanish conversation with the host member, as agreed.

It is an ideal option for adults and young people.


  1. Exchange. It is carried out between two members of the community who send a family member for a period of time to learn another language abroad by living with another family. On a reciprocal basis, that family will, in turn, host a member of this family.

It is an ideal option for young people and teenagers.

You can choose your favorite destination. Spain is provided with numerous and fabulous cities where you can stay according to the type of tourism that you like, as Madrid, Barcelona, Lugo, Sevilla, Malaga, Valencia, Zaragoza… or small and lovely towns, if you prefer this kind of stays, as Mérida, Toledo, Úbeda, Cuenca, Cáceres, Salamanca, etc.


Then, you’ll need to select a host family (if you’re guest) or a family of exchange, choosing according to your tastes, and affinities. Both of you will establish the conditions and schedules that you will spend together. Decide when you want to start enjoying your stay in the chosen city and the time you want to stay there to learn and practice the language.


For more information on this form visit our website: became a guest or exchange.


Offer accommodation to a Spanish guest  and practice spanish conversation with him/her in your own home through the coexistence, while you carry out daily activities (cooking, eating, chatting, hanging out with friends, watching TV, listening to music, practicing hobbies, etc.) during the daily times that you agree upon.

Sign up as a host family and select the perfect candidate according to your tastes and agree on the date of arrival, stay and time that you will spend together.  Perfect to learn Spanish without leaving home and practice spanish conversation with native speakers.


In none of the commented options there is economic deal between the parts, the relation is based on the hospitality and the generosity for teaching your native language. The interest in the linguistic and cultural exchange is mutual on both parts. This is a way to ensure the learning of another language and the knowledge of another culture.


MyHOSTpitality is now free, we are beginning to build our community and if you are interested in learning languages through coexistence, we invite you to join us.


You know, if you want is to learn Spanish with spanish conversation with natives speakers, MyHostpitality invites you to learn in a fun and effective way.  Learn Spanish and live an incredible linguistic and cultural immersion experience.


We are waiting you!!!!


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