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Equipo de Marketing July 23, 2015

Learn Spanish in Spain during your language exchange can be an incredible experience!

Arriving in a country where you don’t know anything or anyone can cause certain doubts to arise like not knowing how you’re going to communicate with your Spanish host family or what methods you’re going to use to learn  spanish in Spain.

Practicing on a daily basis and taking advantage of day to day activities is the most effective way to learn Spanish. When you arrive here, you’re going to be in contact with the language all day every day so… Take every opportunity that you can during your stay in Spain!

Here, we leave you with some advice and a list of simple ways of how to learn the most Spanish you can once in Spain. So, keep them in mind and try as many as possible during your stay and you’ll start learning Spanish very quickly!

  • Go to restaurants

This is one way to help you lose your fear of talking to natives, you’ll have to put your embarrassment aside and ask for the waiter for the food you want to order in Spanish. On top of that, it’s an ideal way to keep conversing while enjoying the gastronomy with your Spanish host family or friends.

Here are some more ideas to help those who are scared of speaking in another language and to make speaking easier when you come to Spain:

13 ways to beat your fear and star speaking

  • Meet up with your foreign friends

Keep practicing with conversations; meet up frequently with native Spanish friends to talk to them in Spanish.

This way you’ll be practicing the language and they will be able to correct your mistakes, help you improve your pronunciation and learn more up-to-date vocabulary.

  • Listen to the radio

While you’re showering, getting dressed or cooking for example, tune into a Spanish radio station and get used to listening to Spanish sounds.

  • Watch TV

Another way to get used to listening is watching television in Spanish. A good way to start is to watch films or series with subtitles, first in your own language and then in Spanish until you’re able to understand without them.

  • Read the news

Buy Spanish newspapers and magazines, apart from improving your grammar and vocabulary, you will also be up-to-date with the news of your new surroundings. You can then tell your host family about what you’ve read and keep practicing and improving your Spanish conversation.

  • Visit museums and landmarks

Learn first hand about Spanish history while listening to natives explain it.

  • Plays and musicals

Take the chance to go and see any local festivals or to visit the theatre and watch a play or a musical in the city you’re living in. It’s a brilliant way to “exercise your ears”.

  • Do sports

When you go out running you could listen to Spanish podcasts or music for example.

You can also try a team sport where you’ll be able to speak to your team mates.

  • Go to bars

Whichever city you find yourself in, there are sure to be bars with language exchanges where you can practice with a native while teaching them your language.

It’s also a great way to meet people!


Learn Spanish in Spain with a host family on your language exchange with MyHOSTpitality

Now, learning Spanish in Spain with a host family is very simple with MyHOSTpitality, you can organise it yourself by registering on our website and forming part of our online community

Once registered, choose Spain as your destination and you’ll be able to see all the Spanish host families available for exchanges and you can then choose the best fit for you. Once you’ve made your selection, get in contact with them to establish the conditions of your stay and any other important details and you’re ready to travel to Spain to enjoy a fantastic language learning experience!

Don’t be scared to come to Spain to learn the spanish  and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

If you have any questions, please get in touch, we will be happy to help. You can send us an email to info@myhostpitality or contact us through the social networks Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll be here waiting!!


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