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How to learn Spanish in Spain by becoming a guest in MyHOSTpitality

Guest and host Learn Spanish

How to learn Spanish in Spain by becoming a guest in MyHOSTpitality

Equipo de Marketing October 18, 2016

Become a guest and learn Spanish with MyHOSTpitality.

What can you do to learn Spanish?  Is it possible to learn Spanish and get to know the culture without having to go to a traditional agency?

These questions and other more are the ones that each day adults and youngsters who want to learn Spanish ask themselves. The objective is the same: learn Spanish, but at the same time they have the same problem: not time enough to learn Spanish the right way. This way, people who didn’t have any possibility in the past to obtain the benefits, they get to know the Spanish culture at the same time they start to learn the language.

With MyHOSTpitality this has changed, due to the possibility to enter in an online community to become a guest of a family in Spain. A guest from MyHOSTpitality has the possibility to meet the way of living, the culture and the language of the country the guest visits, without having to face any charge because of the hosting. In exchange the guest only has to speak his/her native language for the hours he/she stipulates with the host.

As we have said in previous posts from this blog, MyHOSTpitality helps you to learn Spanish and other languages through any of its modalities: exchange of languages, being a guest or being a host.

Before you become a guest, it is basic to know the characteristics that guest must have, which are their benefits and which are the steps you have to follow to become a guest.

Learn Spanish

How must a good guest be?

To be a good guest you can’t simply register on the community, there is a little bit of anxiety to get to know new cultures, being open to living together with people from other countries and being generous at the time of teaching a native language.

Being anxious to learn new cultures. As logic, the person who decides to travel abroad to learn languages must be ready to learn, share and know new cultures. A guest has to have the predisposition and motivation to be surprised constantly for everything he sees and not get discouraged for what he doesn’t know.

Be open to living together with people from other countries. A good guest is the one who achieves that his host makes him feel like at home, contributing with everything he has to make the experience unforgettable.

Be generous when you teach your native language. This may be the characteristic that best explains what being a good guest means. Nevertheless, the only obligation that the guests have with the host is to destine part of their time to teach them the native language to the host.

What are the benefits that a guest has from MyHOSTpitality?

Learn SpanishThe guests are the ones who choose their hosts. With MyHOSTpitality, the guests can decide depending on the age, sex, likes, the place and the desirable period of time.

Flexibility with the dates
. Guest and host are the Learn Spanishones who determine when and how long will they stay, and which dates will be the chosen to start and finish it.

Learn SpanishLinguistic immersion. The linguistic Exchange interest is mutual, which secures a practice on the language for both parts and in the consecution of a linguistic immersion.

Learn SpanishCultural immersion. The guest shares the activities, meals, habits, etc. With the host family, meeting each other this way at the same time that they get to know the culture of the country the visit.

Learn SpanishSaving money. The guests can save money from the hosting and the cost to learn languages in an academy.

How can you become a guest?

By following the brief and simple steps is possible to become a guest from MyHOSTpitality. Log in our community and fill the guest profile up, look for those hosts that have your most desired profile, introduce yourself to your host and get to know if he is also interested in you. Plan your linguistic immersion, fly to Spain and show our community the result of our experience.

Learn Spanish

If you want to learn Spanish and you want to do it abroad, you don’t have any more excuses. Thanks to MyHOSTpitality you can become a guest and start to learn Spanish thanks to your host. Log in our community, register and look for your ideal hosting.

Finally, to get to know more about what being a guest means, we leave you more entries to our blog.

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