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Equipo de Marketing July 2, 2015

Learn Spanish: Organize your Spanish language course in Spain.


If you are thinking of learning Spanish, sure that you have already thought about make some course to learn it.

Learn Spanish with languages courses in Spain you can organize it in different ways.

On one hand, there is the traditional way of attending a school for a few hours a week and give lessons. But is this enough?

If you really want to learn Spanish you have to give one step more, studying a few hours a day is not enough, you have to practice it daily and as we have already said in previous posts, the best way is living through a linguistic and cultural immersion in Spain.

What better way to learn Spanish than by doing a language course in Spain!

Attend to language Spanish course in Spain is one of the better way to learn Spanish and also their culture. The advantages are many, you will practise the language 24 hours of the day speaking with native people and living the language and cultural in a different way.

Nowadays, there are several ways to learn Spanish with language courses in Spain, not only by the typical traditional ways that we have already said above, now these modalities are changing and adapting to the needs of students to make learning more effective. These innovative ways involves the participation of the students who will have the opportunity of speaking Spanish in real environments of the city with different people in bars, on the streets, in the markets or in cultural events.

These new ways to learn Spanish with language courses combines the classes in the classroom with the classes in the street.

If you want to learn Spanish with language courses in Spain, you have the possibility to organize it yourself through Onlines platforms that you can visit before coming to Spain. If you decide to organize your language course in Madrid, we recommend you to take a look at “Las Malas Lenguas” You will know the real Madrid.

Las Malas Lenguas guarantees:

  • An innovative and dynamic methodology.
  • An approach based on communicative interaction .
  • Street, street, street, can you think about a better place to learn a language? They will lead you on the adventure of exploring the streets and neighborhoods of Madrid. You will get to know interesting projects , meet strangers and discover special places of the city.
  • They designed their own content, to combine pedagogy with social subjects and cultural topics that focus not only in Madrid but in the entire world.
  • A team  of proffesional teachers with different profiles and styles eager to help you -achieve your goals.
  • Detailed, oriented and personalized attention to each one of your needs. You will even have your own tutor who will follow your evolution through the entire proccess.

– See more at:


Now that you have taken the great decision of learning Spanish with language courses in Spain you need one thing else…  where to stay?


… and the accommodation?

The course you already have it but … and the accommodation? Don´t worry, in MyHOSTpitality we help you and make it easy for you. If you register in our web  you can choose a native Spanish host family, contact with it and choose the one that more adapts to your preferences, and also you will establish together the conditions of the linguistic stay. The Spanish host family  will give you free accommodation in return for you teach your language to them.

This whole process of learning Spanish with a language course  in Spain but also living with a Spanish native host family will make you improve your language Spanish skills because this total immersion.

Also, if you are not sure where or what kind of Spanish languages courses in Spain you want to book, you can look for it once you are living in your new home with your Spanish host family. Your Spanish family will help you to find a language school where you can attend to your language course in Spain depending of your level, needs and interests.

If you need help or have more questions you can contact us by sending an email to, or through social networks: facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin.

Learn Spanish with a language course in Spain and live this incredible experience in a real language and cultural inmersion by being member of our community.

Join us!!! 


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