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10 photos that will convince you to learn Spanish in Latin America

Learn Spanish

10 photos that will convince you to learn Spanish in Latin America

Equipo de Marketing March 24, 2017

Have you ever thought to learn Spanish in Latin America?

Participating in an exchange is one of the most fun and effective ways to learn a language. If you are thinking of perfecting your Spanish, Latin America is exactly what you need!

Only in Latin America can you visit 21 countries while still practicing the language you want to learn while seeing these wonders during your trip. Start your trip in Mexico, the country with the most Spanish speakers. The most important aspect of Mexico is its cultural wealth. This huge country has a fascinating history that is told in beautiful landscapes such as this one:

  1. Learn Spanish in Latin AmericaIn the Riviera Maya, there is a chain of cenotes. According to studies, they make up the edge of the impact left by the asteroid that is attributed the extinction of the dinosaurs 70 million years ago. The Mayans considered the cenotes to be the entrance to the underworld. Can you imagine being able to learn Spanish in Latin America yet?

2. Follow your way to the Central American Caribbean. Go back in time as you walk through the streets of the beautiful city of Havana and there, after two mojitos, you will see that salsa dancing is not that difficult. Havana was one of the best defended cities in the New World due to its forts. If you like tourist destinations loaded with history, you should also get to know Cartagena in Colombia. You can learn Spanish in Latin America while learning about history and culture!Learn Spanish in Latin America

Since the idea is to have your exchange serve as a reason to travel the world, on this trip do not forget the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico, the two happy islands of the Caribbean!

Learn Spanish in Latin America

3. Roatan is a Honduran island where you can swim with whale sharks. If this experience is too extreme for your liking, you can also swim in crystal clear waters alongside dolphins. Learn Spanish in Latin America…it doesn’t seem too bad if you ask me.

Next, breathe the pure air of Costa Rica and fill your life with its forests, beaches, waterfalls, and nature reserves.

4. In Costa Rica, it is easy to notice the differences in the Spanish speaking of each region. On one coast, the Jamaican influence is so strong that one speaks a Spanglish form, a way of speaking in Latin cities that have ports. If you want to know a little more about “Spanglish” you can read this article. Learn Spanish in Latin America if you are interested in seeing the interaction between Spanish and English!

Learn Spanish in Latin America


5. Say goodbye to Central America, but do not forget Guatemala, El Salvador,
Nicaragua, and Panama. After crossing the entrance doors to South America for Colombia, try to go to Barranquilla in February for its beautiful carnival.

Learn Spanish in Latin America

6. Then, explore the wonders of the Amazon jungle that shares borders with Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Suriname, Guyana and Brazil. During your exchange try to live at least one day with the indigenous communities to experience their culture and feel the love for nature in La Isla de los Micos. By spending a day with natives you will surely learn Spanish in Latin America!

Learn Spanish in Latin America

7. Making your way to Lake Titicaca and spending at least one night with a native community is  a must! Once again, try to immerse yourself in the culture as much as possible if you really want to learn Spanish in Latin America.

Learn Spanish in Latin America

8. Say goodbye to the lake and enter the largest mirror in the world. In Bolivia, the Salar de Uyuni awaits you.

Learn Spanish in Latin America

9. Continue your journey south by visiting Paraguay and Uruguay. Visit Chile and bathe in the largest swimming pool in the world; but also, explore the Atacama Desert and feel that for a moment you left this planet to know other worlds.

The Atacama Desert is the most arid non-polar desert in the world and is considered the best place on earth to observe the sky and develop astronomy.

Learn Spanish in Latin America10. Escape the heat of the desert days and continue your way south until you reach the glaciers park in Argentina. Let that moment freeze because you will never want to forget it.

Learn Spanish in Latin America

A trip like this will change your life, no doubt. It will make you a much more interesting person and it will open your eyes to another world as well as new perspectives. But how can you learn Spanish in Latin America? How can you make this experience a reality?

Many times we believe that we have to win the lottery in order to live such an experience, but would you believe me if I told you that there are people who would be happy to receive you completely free at home so you can learn Spanish in Latin America and immerse yourself in these cultures?

MyHOSTpitality, our Spanish startup, connects people like Vinicio, Jefry, and Vania who want to be a part of a language exchange with foreigners and meet people from different parts of the world. For this reason, these natives provide accommodation in their home for people who want to visit their country and learn about their host’s culture while teaching their host their native language.

While you organize your trip to explore Latin America, you can start practicing and improving your Spanish with the website, where Maria helps you familiarize yourself with the language and learn the typical vocabulary used in Latin America at no cost!

Bon voyage!


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