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Equipo de Marketing May 28, 2015


Hoy os queremos dejar un post en inglés que ha escrito Jessica. Una joven inglesa que llegó a Cáceres hace meses y ha querido narrarnos su vivencia como Invitada en casa de una familia anfitriona estupenda, los del Corral Mirasierra.
Estas son las experiencias que buscamos para los miembros de nuestra comunidad
 El post está en inglés pero os animamos a que lo leáis.

Today we want to leave a post in English that Jessica has written. A young English woman who came to Cáceres months ago and she has wanted to tell us her experience as a guest at home of a great host family, del Corral Mirasierra.

These are the experiences that we look for the members of our community

In September 2013 I moved to Spain to work as a language assistant in a school. I was placed in Cáceres, a small city in the west of Spain, which was great news for me as I wanted to learn Spanish and experience the ‘real’ Spain. I was told that I would be met on arrival at the train station by a woman called Belén. It was just a name to me at the time, but I clung to it as to a lifeline as I travelled towards my new, as yet unknown, home.

Belén is a teacher at the school where I worked and she not only met me at the station, but brought three friends with her too! I was overwhelmed to see FOUR women rushing towards me to welcome me to Cáceres. After the initial meeting (and once I had worked out which one was Belén!) I was told that the school had rented a room in a shared flat for me, but that if I wanted I could spend the weekend with Belén and her family. Since I knew no-one, I jumped at the chance.



learn spanish

Jessica with Jesús and Luis


Little did I know that a weekend with the family meant the extended family! The very same day I met Belén’s husband Emiliano, children (Jesús and Luis), parents, all her in-laws, and a couple of friends. What’s more, I had the genuine ‘campo’ experience from the very beginning – eating (lots of) traditional food cooked by grandma and relaxing in the country. I couldn’t imagine a better first weekend.

Once my new routine was established I remained close to the family and, although I had the flat, opted to spend weekends with Belén and the family. I would spend about 2 hours doing English with her boys every weekend, and I also started speaking to them in English most of the time, allowing them to answer in Spanish. I joined them all for days out – we went to interesting local villages or set off on walks – and I even accompanied them on a camping trip where I met more of their friends. When spring came around I went to their apartment at the beach with them.

Belén doesn’t speak English, so by practising with her and my colleagues at school I learn Spanish quite quickly. And I’m still learning! The boys pick up English by listening to me and I learn Spanish with the adults – everyone benefits.

Eighteen months later, I’m still in Cáceres. I had originally planned just to spend a year here, but after being treated like a daughter and enjoying the experience so much, I decided to stay. By the end of the first academic year I was referring to Belén as my Spanish mum! When my real family came to visit they stayed with my Spanish family and finally met each other. I recently went to my Spanish brothers´ communion and I am looking forward to my Spanish family’s trip to England this summer.

learn spanish

Jessica with Jesús and Luis


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