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Learn Spanish: 7 easy ways to get to know the language

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish: 7 easy ways to get to know the language

Equipo de Marketing January 20, 2017

Here we present you 7 ways to learn Spanish faster!

Some people can take a lot more time to understand and get some fluency in a new language. There are many ways to learn Spanish as it is a rewarding experience and it can help to increase your confidence, boost your employability, transform your travel experience and (among other things) allow you to meet new interesting people from around the globe. Here are 7 ways:

1. Practice your pronunciation.

When starting to learn Spanish the pronunciation is a key. It’s the way we learned our native tongue and it works well for starting with a new language. Focus on repeating the tricky sounds first to get yourself used to the distinctive sounds and phonetics of the new language.

learn spanish

2. Start with vocabulary.

Learning a few words per day is very important. It’s advisable to start in a specific topic (like self introduction, days of the week, household items, etc.) and repeating the new words several times and make sentences with them so you know in which context you can use them. Once you have completed your first lesson it is vital to repeat some of the words learned in the next session in order to avoid forgetting them.

3. Read books or magazines written in the new language.

Reading content in you new language can help improve your vocabulary, it lets you see the grammar in context and presents you with common expressions you wouldn’t learn in a textbook. You can also watch short movies or shows in your new language with subtitles in that same language, that way you can both hear the pronunciation and learn grammar and vocabulary in a fun way.

If you don’t know where to begin you can always start with the basics, you can read a children’s book or magazines and articles of your interest.

learn spanish

4. Practice every day.

We all have busy lives and plenty of stuff to do every day, but finding some time to practice is a game changer, even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day. Your brain is like a muscle, you must use it in order to keep it in shape, in particular when learning a new language as an adult. If you still need some help managing your time here are some useful tips.

learn spanish

5. Practice with a native speaker.

If you have a friend whose mother tongue is the language you’re learning, ask to practice with them. It’s a great way to practice your speaking skills. It helps you use your vocabulary and allows you to gain some confidence in the use of the new language. As someone who is starting to learn a new language you will certainly make mistakes and it can be intimidating to speak with a native and feel self-conscious. Relax! It’s all part of the process, the sooner you make the mistakes the faster you’ll learn from them and get better.

learn spanish

6. Switch your devices to the new language.

Your phone, tablet, computer… they can all become tools to help you get used to the new language faster. If you change the language of your devices not only will you expand your vocabulary and grammar but you’ll also have an easy way to expose yourself to the new language daily. Read some more tips to study smarter.

learn spanish

7. Immerse yourself in the language.

Travel to a country where you’ll be exposed and forced to read, speak and live the language you’re learning. This is a fun and practical way to use the language and once you have a good understanding and conversational level, plus you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy great time and experience a new culture. You can also try a language exchange program or find a destination to plan your next vacation. It can be a little tricky to find a place to go if you don’t know anyone abroad but there are several options you can consider, you can find a few here.  If you haven’t found any host family in the previous link, here we address you to another company in Madrid which may help you to find a family in the capital city.

learn spanish

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