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Equipo de Marketing January 28, 2016

Learn languages without spending anything is possible.


Often, learn languages can mean investing money. Classes, academies and linguistic experiences are all expensive. This is one of the main problems or inconveniences people have when talking about language learning. It is usually a costly process and that’s why many decide not to learn them. However today, we’re going to show you some alternatives that you can use to learn languages without spending a penny and where the cost of linguistic experiences isn’t as high as you’d think.

Here are some ways to learn without putting your hand in your pocket:


  • Through Apps

There are many apps around to practice with, whether for exercises or chatting with people from other countries. The biggest advantage is that as you can install them on your tablet or smartphone, you can use them anywhere; on the bus or waiting at the Doctor’s for example.

Here’s a page with various different language learning apps for if you’re interested in downloading them:


  • Through tutorials.

You can find thousands of tutorials on the Internet, the most well known place being ‘youtube’ where you find videos on different topics. You can watch tutorials for presentations, job interviews or to learn specific vocabulary among other things.


  • Online exercises.

There are many websites where you can find several resources to learn languages and for grammar, reading, listening or pronunciation exercises. They’re very useful for improving and correcting your mistakes.


  • Practice with friends.

We’re sure that you have friends that share your concerns on how to learn languages; you could meet up, chat and practice together. It’s more fun that way and you can learn from and correct one another.


  • Going to bars with language exchanges.

Going to a language exchange at a bar is a fantastic way of learning the language you like as you can practice speaking and conversing with native speakers. They will help you to improve your pronunciation and to use a more colloquial vocabulary. They’ll correct your mistakes and above all, you’ll get used to a foreign accent besides it being an excellent way to lose your fear of speaking. And, in exchange, you do the same for them; teach them your language. It’s beneficial for both of you!


  • Hosting a native speaker.

You can learn languages without leaving your house. If you have no time, you can host a native speaker at home and agree practice hours with them. You’ll be practicing without realising anyway as you’ll be talking while you prepare food, eat, watch the news etc.

You’ll be practicing while you live together. If you like this option, by joining our community you can choose your guest and agree the conditions among yourselves. If you’re interested, you only have to register on our website. We’ll leave you with the hosting part so you can see how it works, host family option.


  • Travelling abroad.

This option does come at a cost. Going to live in another place is always thought of as being very expensive, looking for accommodation and living there. However, with our community it’s not a problem given you can save up to 80% compared with other types of exchange. In our community, you can save on accommodation costs, you choose the family that best fits with your tastes and you go and live with them for an agreed amount of time. You practice, learn and improve the language you want in the country you’d like. This is, without a doubt, the best option!



What do you think of these choices to learn languages and not spend anything? Are you up to learn languages on your own with these options? Can you think of any other options for learning languages with little cost? Tell us about them by sending us an email on or leaving us a comment on our social networks as Facebook “myhostpitality” and Twitter @myhostpitality. We’ll publish it to share with everyone else in our community.


And if you like the last two options we mentioned, as much hosting someone as going to live with a family abroad, we encourage you to register on our website and learn languages in a fun, efficient and different way.


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