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Equipo de Marketing July 14, 2016



MyHOSTpitality wants your language exchange in Spain will be more economic. If you want to learn languages, join our community. In the next post, we show the differences between the system education’s UK and the system educations’ Spain

Learn languages  during holidays period is something so usual nowadays. People use part of their holidays on learning languages, above all summer holidays. The problem arises when you want to  learn Spanish free in a country different than yours.


Each country has its main education system, which is different to the education system of the rest of countries. When it comes to speaking about Europe, we can confirm that these education systems are quite equal. However, in Spain, we have to say that there are some differences. The most usual situation is going to Spain to study Spanish, but the different period of holidays between Spain and the UK difficult the language exchanges.

Don’t worry! Now, we are going to explain to you the differences between Spain holidays period and UK holidays period, in order to let you find the best way to combine both holidays and not to have any problem to learn Spanish in Spain.

Spanish Educational System

The academic year in Spain goes from early September to mid-June and it is composed of three terms:

  • First quarter: From September to Christmas.
  • Second quarter: From January to the Holy Week or Eastern (depending on the year it can be on March or April)
  • Third quarter: From the Holy Week to June.

Holidays period, during the course, are Christmas and Eastern. The duration of each period is about two weeks, depending on the year. The end of the course 2015-2016 will be the 22nd of June, so the summer holidays will be approximately two months and a half.

English Educational System

The academic year in the UK has a duration approximately of 9 months, it goes normally from early September to July and, as in Spain, it is divided into three terms, called terms:

  • Autumn term: From September to Christmas.
  • Spring term: From January to Eastern.
  • Summer term: From April to July.

The duration of each term is 12 weeks approximately and, at the middle of each term they have one week of holidays. In the UK they have officially two periods of holidays, Christmas holidays and Eastern holidays. Summer holidays are about 6 weeks. The end of the course 2015-2016 will be the 22nd of July.

Dates can suffer modifications depending on the zones. A data that must be taken into account is that the academic course usually begins some days until that in Spain and ends later. This difficult the language exchanges if they are done at the start or at the end of summer.

Learn languagesMyHOSTpitality offers a great opportunity you cannot miss.


These differences in summer holiday periods cannot be an impediment to learning Spanish in Spain. MyHOSTpitality offers various modalities of exchange that is sure to suit your needs. You cannot miss the opportunity to use your holidays to learn Spanish free.

The first thing you have to do is to match your holiday days with the Spanish holidays, it is easy since the holiday period this year is from July 22 to early September.  Join our community and choose the best option.

If what you want is to make an exchange with a Spanish family, use our language exchange modality. By this way, a family will host you at home, during the period you arrange with them, in return, you will speak with them your native language some hours per day. You can also enjoy new experiences, learn about their culture, and of course take the opportunity to learn Spanish free. The same applies when a member of that family come to your house.

Another option that may interest you is to look in our community for a family that is willing to share accommodation in exchange of your native language. That way you will become their guest, you will be able to travel to Spain, learn Spanish in Spain and learn about their culture. In addition, in Spain families do often have holidays at the same time so they take the advantage of the opportunity and go on holidays together to the same place so you will experience the familiar culture of the Spanish.

If you do not want or cannot travel to Spain, MyHOSTpitality has another modality for you. Become a host! You will host a guest who will speak with you his/her mother tongue in exchange for your accommodation.

Dare to learn Spanish in Spain and to live new experiences with MyHOSTpitality!!


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