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Learn languages this summer with The Olympics Games in Río de Janeiro

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Learn languages this summer with The Olympics Games in Río de Janeiro

Equipo de Marketing August 18, 2016

Learn languages with The Olympic Games: History

As we have been saying in the last posts of this summer, MyHOSTpitality wants to offer a variety of opportunities to learn languages abroad. The easiest way is going to events in different countries. That’s why this summer we’ve been writing about cultural festivals, traditional events or typical celebrations. We hope you have the chance to learn languages thanks to us.

The Olympic Games are inspired by the ancient Greek games that were celebrated in the 7th century in the city of Olympia, Greece. Where athletes from different places gathered up and competed in different sports modalities. They appeared as a sacred ambit, it was a festival devoted to the god Zeus. The celebration usually took place during the second or third full moon after the summer solstice. The games started with a ritual, The Catastrophe, which consisted on sacrificing a hundred steers to honour Zeus. Men were the only ones allowed to compete, women couldn’t compete and in the case of married women, they even weren’t allowed to attend because men participated entirely naked.


In the 19th century the idea of retaking the Olympic Games appeared. The first time that modern Olympic Games took place was on April 6, 1896, in the Greek capital, Athens. Since then, it has been celebrated every four years in different cities all over the world. There have been some exceptions, in 1916, in 1940 and in 1944, the games weren’t celebrated because of the 1st and 2nd World War.

The Olympic Games have a previous stage a few months before its opening: firing the flame of the Olympic torch. It travels some of the participant countries. The Olympic flame started to appear in the games of Amsterdam 1928. The games begin with an opening ceremony where all the participants from different countries parade one after the other. The parade is led by the Greek team for being the founders and it concludes with the representatives of the organizing country. The games end with a closure ceremony similar to the opening one.

Types of The Olympics

The Olympic Games are the main international sports event where athletes from all the world participate. In the 20th and currently in the 21st century there have been some changes:

  • Winter Olympic Games: celebrated for the first time in Chamonix, in 1924. They are celebrated every four years but with a two-year break after the Summer Olympic Games.
  • The Paralympics: for disabled athletes, they were first celebrated in 1960. They take place in the same place and in the same year as the Summer Olympic Games. In 1988, Winter Paralympics appeared, which are also celebrated in the same place and year as the Winter Olympic Games.
  • Youth Olympic Games: for young athletes. They are also divided in two, Summer Olympics (celebrated for the first time in Singapore, in 2010) and Winter Olympics (Celebrated in Innsbruck, in 2012).

Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, 2016


The last Olympic Games were celebrated in London, in 2012, this year is going to take place in Rio de Janeiro and the next ones will be celebrated in Tokyo, in 2020.

The Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are the 31st games in the history since its creation. They will be held from the 5th to the 21st of August of 2016 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. The Paralympics will take place in that same city, between the 7th and the 18th of September.

It’s the first the games are celebrated in South America. 10.500 athletes are expected to compete between each other in: athletics, badminton, basketball, handball, boxing, BMX, mountain biking, track cycling, road cycling, swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, water polo, fencing, horse riding, football, trampolining, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, golf , weightlifting, field hockey, wrestling, modern pentathlon, white-water, calm waters, rowing, rugby, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, archery, shooting, triathlon, sailing, volleyball, beach volleyball, judo.

The Olympic Torch was lit the 21st of April of 2016, in the temple of Hera, in Olympia and it will travel various places of Greece, Switzerland, and Brazil.


With MyHOSTpitality take advantage of the Olympic Games to learn languages

The Olympic Games are a great opportunity to learn languages because it gathers people from different places in the world. It’s always hard to find accommodation, that’s why MyHOSTpitality offers a variety of modalities to make it easier. Join our community, search for hosts in Rio de Janeiro and exchange your native language for free accommodation. Enjoy the Olympic Games learning languages.


Here we leave the link with all the contents of this year’s Olympics:

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