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Learn languages: International Festivals in Ireland

Learn languages Traditions and festivals

Learn languages: International Festivals in Ireland

Equipo de Marketing August 4, 2016

Lear languages in international festivals

Learn languages have become indispensable in our lives. MyHOSTpitality wants to guide you this summer through the most important international festivals. Learning languages is more and more important, however, in our lives, it has become something expendable. There’s no better way to learn languages abroad than going to international festivals. Today we are going to talk about the Arts Festival of Kilkenny.

Kilkenny is a medieval town located near river Nore in the southeast of Ireland. It’s very well placed because it’s just an hour and a half far from Dublin, Cork and Rosslare. It’s a small city, which makes it a city full of charm. This town is known as the centre of arts and design, but also as the creative heart of Ireland.

In Kilkenny many festivals are celebrated during the year. Festivals so important like the Arts Festival of Kilkenny. Being a small town allows you to make a tour by walking, besides it is very welcoming and its people are quite hospitable which make the festivals even more intimate.

Arts Festival of Kilkenny

The Arts Festival of Kilkenny is celebrated during 10 days of August. This year is the 42 anniversary and it will take place from the 5th to the 14th of August. The Arts Festival was founded in 1974 and since then, the best musicians, artists, and writers in the world have passed through the city.


Each year, during these 10 days, Kilkenny converts itself into a festival of artistic entertainment. The streets of this wonderful city are filled with music and life performances. It’s one of the best destinations for arts and music lovers.

Worldwide artists, writers, musicians and actors participate in this festival. In the most relevant places, you can see concerts, outdoor events, and poetic parades.

This Arts Festival offers many artistic activities for every public. We could say that art in all its shapes: theatre, dance, classic music, cinema, jazz, music, literature, visual arts, Irish traditional music, and crafts. It’s a unique, distinctive and inspiring program.

Kilkenny’s festival has a quality that overshadows every other festival. Classic music has been and still is the main element of this festival since its origin. However, poetry is also an important part. The main characteristic this year is going to be Mozart’s piece, the Prince of Music.

It is the festival that lasts longer in Ireland. The streets of this city are filled with music and life performances. The combination of art and crafts make this magical medieval town to attract millions of visitors wishing to know more about the Irish culture.

The program is wide enough to attract pre-established and new talents in Ireland and from other countries.

Kilkenny is the promoter of Irish crafts, during the festival you can find pottery workshops or lectures of contemporary decorative arts.

Kilkenny’s Castle

One of the most meaningful and wonderful places in this city is Kilkenny’s Castle, built in the 12th century. Some other relevant places of the city where all these events are celebrated are:


Footsbarn Tent, St Canice’s Cathedral, Castle Yard, Set Theatre, St John’s Priory, The Watergate Theatre, Butler Gallery, The Parade Tower, Heritage Council Garden, Black Aabbey Garden, James Stephens Barracks, Dunmore Caves, Rose Garden, Kilkenny Castle, Butler House Garden, Kilkenny Castle Park, National Craft Gallery, Barnstorm Theatre, The Heritage Council, Rothe House & Gardens.

Learn languages with the Arts Festival of Kilkenny thanks to MyHostpitality

Around 50.000 visitors per year participate in Kilkenny’s festival. Become one of them, go to Kilkenny and be part of the Arts Festival, of that celebration, of that culture, of that arts experience.

MyHOSTpitality wants to help you learn languages abroad, what a better chance than to experience the festival with a native, learn a language and know more about the culture. Do not hesitate, join our community, search for a host and become a guest. Spend a few days in this wonderful town, you won’t regret it.

Here we leave the link with the program if you are interested in watching the performances.

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