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How to learn languages by becoming a host of MyHOSTpitality

Guest and host Learn languages

How to learn languages by becoming a host of MyHOSTpitality

Equipo de Marketing September 15, 2016

Start learn languages by becoming host thanks to MyHOSTpitality, and enjoy its benefits

How can I learn languages? If I don’t go to an academy, can I learn Spanish? Is it possible to learn a language and know a new culture without leaving home?

Professionals and families, who sought to learn languages, used to ask these and many other questions, but they couldn’t do it because they had little time. Therefore, they didn’t have the opportunity to know the benefits of a new language and a new culture of a different country.

This has changed thanks, in communities like MyHOSTpitality, which give you the opportunity to become a host. That way, you can welcome a guest, of a foreign country, in your house, and they will teach you their native language. Thanks to MyHOSTpitality you can achieve a linguistic and cultural immersion while you do your daily work in your home.

As we have already commented in the previous post on our blog, learn Spanish with MyHOSpitality is possible thanks to its three modalities: Doing a language exchange, being a guest or being a host.

We can’t forget that before that you become a host, it’s important that you know how should be a good host, what are the benefits of being a host, and what are the steps which you should follow to become a host.

How should be a good host?

If you want to be a good host, not worth only with to have a guest, you have to be willing to learn a new language and teach your language. Also, you have to learn to live with your guests, and be hospitable.

  • Willingness to learn and teach. The goal of being a host is to learn languages, but the most the hosts also want to teach their native language to your guest. For this way, both parties are benefiting from this  language immersion.
  • Learn to live with the guest. A good host is one who gets that his guest feels like at home, and by providing everything you might need to make your stay unforgettable and unique experience.
  • Possess the values of welcome and hospitality from MyHOSTpitality. The successful of experiences of linguistic and cultural immersion of the members of our community is that they all have to feel welcomed, and they have to treat with hospitality to those guests who stay at home.

If I become a host with MyHOSTpitality what benefits can I get?

The benefits of becoming a host with MyHOSTpitality are many. One of the most important is the choice, flexibility of dates, language immersion and the savings obtained.

learn-spanish-learn-languagesThe hosts are those who choose. Within our community, the hosts are those, depending on age, gender, hobbies, location…, choose their guest

learn-spanish-learn-languagesFlexibility on dates. Host and guest are those who will choose when and how long the stay, and what will be the date on which it will begin and end your stay.

learn-spanish-learn-languagesLanguage immersion. The hosts, while performing their daily activities, they can learn the language of your guest easily and quickly.

learn-spanish-learn-languagesSaving. People who will decide to host it can save the cost of hiring your learning language with agencies, schools, teachers… Thanks to his native guest.

How to become a host?

Becoming a host is very simple, you just have to follow these steps:


  1. Sign up. Join our community and complete your profile host.
  2. Consultation. Search within the community those guests who have the profile that you wish.
  3. Contact. You introduce yourself to you guest and knows if he is also interested in you.
  4. Agree. Plan with your guest, the logistics of your language immersion.
  5. Welcomes. Get your guest in your home and treat warmly and hospitably.
  6. Assess. Show our community the result of your experience.

If you want to learn a new language, but don’t have time to do it, now you don’t have excuses. With MyHOSTpitality you can become a host, and start learning languages thanks to your guest. Join our community, register and start to look for your ideal guest.

Finally, here we leave more posts our blog to learn more about what being a host.

Would you like to learn Spanish with a host?
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