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Learn languages can be easy if you find the correct tool: the 7 best blogs

Learn languages

Learn languages can be easy if you find the correct tool: the 7 best blogs

Equipo de Marketing September 22, 2016

The 7 best blogs to learn languages

Learn languages are becoming a fashion. But, why it has become a fashion? Actually, what we are talking about a fashion or a necessity?

When you are looking for work, you find yourself with the difficulty of languages, the most of the time is required a medium-high level of English, French or Portuguese. The young people often have better language level, since from small parents have led them to class to learn languages.

But, what about people who are not so young? and that is that these people almost have never needed any extra knowledge of languages, so haven’t seen the need to learn languages.

But new generations, as indicated above, come stomping, and as they say, “Or you eat or you are eaten”

It is clear that, if you are young you will have more facilities for learning languages. But what about all those people who had a permanent job and now they are almost out of their jobs by the lack of language?

Now, all these people are in need or almost obligation to learn languages. You know, that since MyHOSTpitality, what we want is to help you to learn languages. For this reason, all of your posts are aimed at you, to help you in your language learning.

Particularly in today’s post, we want to show you the 7 best blogs to learn languages. We have done a survey among all the members of our community to see that blogs have helped them in their early experiences in learning languages. And these have been their conclusions:

learn languages

Matador Network

In this blog, there are different themes one of them is “language and study abroad”. In this blog, you can find language guides, tips to help people who want to learn languages abroad, tricks when traveling to different places, and even tests or examinations.

Making duolingo

Duolingo has been created so that everyone can learn languages have, through technology, a personal tutor. And in this blog, we can find posts about how to get the little free time to learn languages, or what are the main languages that people want to learn.


Babbel is an application for learning languages; Babbel has great international success because it has one million active subscribers. In addition, the company is considered number 1 worldwide in regards to education. It has a lot of courses in 14 languages. In his blog, you can see different ways of learning languages, with different experiences of real people. In addition, it has tricks to organize trips, for bilingual education or how to learn a language in general.

Fluent in 3 months

Fluent in 3 months help you to learn a language quickly. In this blog you can to find different articles about tips to learn languages, how learn a language faster, or reasons to learn languages.

Lusine 13

Lusine is a professor of English, and Spanish courses, who has created this blog to share all their material with others, so that everyone who wants, learn languages. In her blog, we can find activities, worksheets, or cards to learn.

Linsday does languages

Linsday does languages offers different courses to learn different languages. In addition, she has a blog where you can find posts which teach the goals of learning language, grammatical advice, and readings to facilitate learning language, or the main resources needed to learn languages.

Polyglot Hub

In this blog you can being learning languages fast, along with the necessary tools. You can also understand why is learning a language is important when you are a child or you can see different methods to learn a second language.

How to learn languages with a real experience with MyHOSTpitality?

After meeting these 8 blogs and put into practice the tricks and different ways of learning languages, we are sure that you want to live an experience of linguistic investment. And what better to do with MyHOSTpitality? It is very easy, you just have to join our community and choose the option that best suits you. If you want to go to spend some time abroad, you have to look for a host and start your new experience. Spending time with a native may be the best choice for learning languages. Think no more.

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