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Learn languages with traditional winter meals in Spain

Learn languages Traditions and festivals

Learn languages with traditional winter meals in Spain

Equipo de Marketing December 16, 2016

MyHOSTpitality shows you different meals for this winter. 

Months before, we write about traditional summer meals in Spain. Today we have decided to write about traditional winter meals in Spain.

In Spain, it’s too cold in winter, for this reason, we eat very hot meals. MyHOSTpitality shows you different winter typical meals.

Cochinillo asado 

It’s typical in Segovia, in the central Spain. Cochinillo is a small pig, which is cooked in huge wood-fired ovens. It’s so tender that is very common cut with a plate.

Fabada asturiana, judías blancas y legumbres LEARN-LANGUAGE-TRADITIONAL-WINTER-MEALS

In Spain are very traditional beans stew and legumes, especially in Asturias, north of Spain, and in La Granja de San Ildefonso, in the central Spain. Around the country, you can find different regional bean stews well known as fabada. It’s cooked with potatoes, chorizo, and pancetta. Usually, it’s eaten in winter


This meal is typical in Teruel, in the central-eastern Spain. The principal element is bread. If you want to cook it, you have to cut the bread and leave it in water and salt for a day. After, you will fry it with oil. This meal usually contains chorizo.

Cocido madrileño

It’s typical in Madrid, the capital of Spain. In this meal you can mix a lot of ingredients, for example, chickpeas, pork, meat chicken), chorizo, jamón. Also vegetables like cabbage, green beans, onions, and garlic. This meal is the best choice for cold.

Pulpo a la gallega

It’s typical in Galicia, north of Spain. The octopus is with paprika and olive oil. Usually, it accompanied by potatoes


Is the typical drink which you drink when you have a cold. Chocolate is cocoa with milk, and churro is a mass of wheat flour, and it’s cooked in oil. In Spain, people eat chocolate con churros in the morning and in the afternoon.

Visiting Spain this winter and eat those meals. Live a new experience with MyHOSTpitality.


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