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Languajob community: make your language experience better

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Languajob community: make your language experience better

Equipo de Marketing January 13, 2017

Language influences our professional lives in more than one way!

Good training is the best way to overcome the barrier of the job search or to improve its personal development in the position itself.

Everyone knows the importance and the role of a language in the society: nowadays the competition on the labor market is intense, there are a lot of well-trained skilled workers and people of experience. Speaking a second language is a common requirement, so today studying a language is a must. Learning a language is important for human relations, it is even more important when you are looking for a job. This is partially due to the global crisis that we experienced.


LanguaJob community wants to analyze and share the language learning potential and understand how it is reflected in our professional lives. In our blog we focus on students, professionals, travelers and freelance looking for new career and opportunities in order to improve the language with a fast and different method, accessible to all.

They are founders of a blog – – and they try to establish links between language teachers and learners. Our target are students, professionals, travelers and freelance looking for new opportunities to improve professional life.

Their blog connects teachers, students and anyone who has experience or a necessity in the language world. Our goal is to share articles and advertisements to promote the educational and professional importance of learning a second language. Given the growth and the continuous interest in the area of languages, they are constantly looking for  partners and collaborators  who could support our idea linking up our community. We have just insert in our blog a showcase where native teachers can publish their language lesson offers. Their purpose is non-profit making, the teacher can decide his price per hour and their schedule for skype lessons. Their main interest is to strengthen our community focusing on motivated people.

If you want to make your experience richer with a second language or if you want to teach or learn a language,  email them to They will publish your article in their community.

He who has the languages, has the world.


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