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Equipo de Marketing November 12, 2015

How to save money while on your language exchange.


When you do a language exchange, it entails a huge economic effort; the actual fact you’re going abroad, the travelling, the transport and where you stay, among other things. And that’s before you get to the country. Once there, you’ll be lost and undoubtedly you’ll spend more than necessary because you won’t know the best way to get around or how to get to the places you want to see.

So today, we’re giving you a series of advice that could help you once you’re there to save money and how to spend it in a way to make it count and not waste it on the wrong things.


  • Plane tickets.

Look in advance and don’t leave it until the last minute. Think carefully about the airports; one may be cheaper to fly to but it could cost more to get to your final destination because you’ll have to take more transport once you’re in the country.


  • Chat to natives in bars instead of doing courses.

It’s obvious that you’re going to learn English and an academy is a good option but it can be costly. Firstly, you could get the members of your host family to give you classes to practice; they’re native and available to teach you.


  • Use the internet.

Look online for maps to make your journeys shorter, offers and vouchers for activities, clothes or hobbies and take advantage of them.


  • Transport.

As we’ve said before, look on the internet or ask your family about how to save on transport while getting around your city. Many times the journey will be too long and you’ll need to go by bus or metro but for shorter journeys you could use something cheaper like a bike.


  • Credit cards.

Don’t use your credit card just anywhere or take money out from any old bank as they can charge you a very high commission: choose wisely.


  • Eat at home with your family.

Use meal times to cook and eat with your host family. It’s a great way to learn to cook new recipes and chat with them so you’re practicing the language. You also save the money you’d have spent eating out.


  • Visit places which are free and look for offers.

There are many places with free entry or offers on certain days so take advantage of those too.


Finding suitable lodging can be complicated whether you’re looking for a room or a flat. But you already know that with MyHOSTpitality this isn’t a problem as you’ll receive a free room with a host family just for sharing your language.


Lastly, we recommend that you make a list of all your expenditure and at the end of each week, for example, look at them and see what you’re spending most on and see if you can reduce it somehow.


Save on language exchange costs with MyHOSTpitality.

Doing a language exchange doesn’t have to be expensive. In MyHOSTpitality we’re aware of this and we want to remove some of the economic barriers that doing a cultural and language exchange can mean, so that they’re accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re counting on a huge advantage: the economic benefit if you organise and arrange the exchange yourself, however you want, you get rid of the typical, traditional agency costs. Besides, if you’re already with a host family, you won’t need to sign up to a course or classes because you can practice the language with them all day. They’ll talk to you, suggest activities and places to visit etc that you can do without spending a huge amount. You’ll be a part of the family which will help you in your new life.

To get in contact with a host family to exchange languages you just have to register on our website and search for families based on your search criteria and then get in contact with one you like to establish conditions and you’re ready to travel and have a new adventure.

If you have and you think of another way to save money on your language Exchange, you can send us your opinion to our mail and our social networks and we will publish your opinion.

Registration is free now so… Take advantage!


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