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The great experience of doing a language exchange program, and living with a host family.

Exchange Guest and host

The great experience of doing a language exchange program, and living with a host family.

Equipo de Marketing November 2, 2017

The great experience of doing a language exchange program, and living with a host family.

language exchangeMy name is Mark, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Ireland. I want to learn Spanish, so this year I did a language exchange with a guy from Spain named Alejandro.

Alejandro and I met thanks to MyHOSTpitality, a language exchange portal that allows you to be the guest in a host family, as was my case, and also allows you to host someone as was the case of Alejandro.

MyHOSTpitality made sure that Alejandro and I were compatible, that we were the same age, that we liked the same things, and that we had the same hobbies, the truth is that they did great work pairing us up together. Before we met in person, we had the chance to talk language exchangeon Skype to break the ice a little. We agreed when it would be the best time for me to travel. He gave me advice on what I should bring to Spain, like what clothes and toiletries I might need. Navalmoral de la Mata, a town of Cáceres, is very hot and he suggested that I wear light clothes and bring a swimsuit, because we planned to go hiking and swimming frequently. We agreed that the best time to do the language exchange was the summer, so that I could get the most out of Spanish culture and lifestyle.

I finally arrived in July. Alejandro and his family picked me up at the airport. The duration of the exchange program was a month, so we had a good amount of time to learn each other’s languages. From the first moment, we starting speaking or tried speaking each other’s language, Alejandro wanted to perfect his English and I wanted to also improve my Spanish. So, we both strived hard to accomplish our goal. At first it is difficult to communicate in a language that wasn’t used to speaking, but our advantage was that we had the same tastes and interest, so that helped us to speak about things topics we liked. Alejandro helped me very much in my learning, and I tried to do the same.

During my stay, I also enjoyed staying with Alexander’s family, they were all very friendly nice to me. Everyone helped my language immersion program have a more in-depth and personal experience. They took me to meet their grandparents and there I learned about language exchangecustoms and traditions. His grandparents lived in a very beautiful town, I was very surprised by the landscapes of that area of Spain and also the heat. We used to talk a lot about the climate and customs of our countries.
I took advantage of our excursions to tell Alejandro all the differences that I was finding between one country and another, so that he could know how I lived in Ireland, because after this exchange, I wanted to become a host and welcome Alejandro to my house.

The truth was that Alexander was very good to me, he took me to many places, introduced me to his friends, we went out to parties. All those things motivated me even more to better my Spanish communication skills.

My last week in Spain, we were in Seville. I did not know much about this city, but Alexander’s family told me it was very pretty and they were absolutely right. It was one of the most amazing excursions we did. Seville is a city that mixes many architectural styles, and has a great Arab heritage. And also in this city there have been many movies filmed there, many films are known globally. language exchangeIf I see those movies again I can say that I have been there, in Seville. Another thing we did was eat tapas one of the most traditional things to do in Spain, and they were great. I am sure that when I return to Spain, I will visit this city again to show my parents. I do not want to lose my friendship with Alejandro after this experience, so I promised to return.

During my stay at Alexander’s house I had so much fun that I did not realize how fast time flew by. It was very hard to say good-bye. We were comforted knowing that Alejandro is going to see me in Ireland.

We took advantage of the last few days by remembering everything we had done together, and we tried to finish what we still had left to do. In the end, we had fulfilled our goal, we both had improved a lot with the languages and had also made a very strong friendship. I’m thankful for my host family and Alejandro for being so good to me.

I’m also very grateful to MyHOSTpitality. They did a great job of introducing me and Alejandro. I recommend to everyone that if you want to learn a new language, you should try a language exchange program.

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