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Earn easy money as a language exchange program ambassador in the USA, UK, or Ireland

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Earn easy money as a language exchange program ambassador in the USA, UK, or Ireland

Equipo de Marketing April 7, 2017

Would you like to earn some extra money being a language exchange ambassador?

Next, do you live in USA, UK, or Ireland

MyHOSTpitality wants to help you. It’s easy! You just have to become a language exchange program ambassador. This entails helping us find people who are interested in doing a language exchange.

We will explain how to be a language exchange program ambassador and earn some extra money easily. It is not a full-time job, but a complement to your current job. It could also be a part-time job if you do not have any other responsibilities. However, there are some requirements (to be explained further down) that must be met to become a language exchange program ambassador for MyHOSTpitality.

But first let’s get situated…Language Exchange Program Ambassador

What is MyHOSTpitality?

MyHOSTpitality, is an organization that facilitates linguistic and cultural exchanges between students. We are looking for zone coordinators to coordinate the Exchange Program for Spanish and English speakers for the year 2017 and onwards. Although exchange programs will start mainly in the Summer of 2017, the search for students interested in Spanish language and culture must begin immediately.

What does the program consist of?

The program consists of a linguistic and cultural immersion experience among English-speaking students (from English to Americans … anyone who speaks English) and Spanish. Both students will have the opportunity to travel to the other’s country and live with their “exchange friend.” This gives them the opportunity to know the culture and language of the country that each visit. This also ensures learning by continuously speaking the language of the other, something other experiences or programs do not guarantee. This is also provided at a much lower cost!

Aside from all of this, what differentiates us from the rest?

The differential value of the program lies in the collaborative model we propose with a language exchange ​​among stakeholders. This model reduces the costs of this type of experience by up to 80%. This makes it easier to have many English-speaking students who may be interested in our program as opposed to those offered by other travel agencies abroad that offer a traditional model of course and stay in Spain at very high costs. With our program, the English-speaking students will be able to have a real immersion experience in Spain living with the family of their “exchange friend” and to immerse themselves in this country, their language, and their culture at affordable prices.

Who do we target?

The program is targeted mainly towards two different types of profile:

  • Adolescents: Ages 14 to 18
  • Adults: +18 years

The program also includes English-speaking students who want to complete a year of high school or want to work in Spain. However, for the latter, the student would have to look for work because we do not have collaborations for this.

What is a language exchange program ambassador responsible for?

  • Recruitment and selection of English-speaking students (and their families) who want to participate in the exchange program with Spanish students.
  • At first, a mutual exchange between families is sought. However, if this is not possible, you could also recruit for the host option (if a host wants to receive Spanish students only) or guest (if the English speaker wants to go with a Spanish family).
  • Coordination of the transport of Spanish participants from the airport and to their respective host homes. Although English-speaking families will be in charge of receiving the Spanish student, the coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that this is done properly.
  • Provide support to families and students at all times.
  • Ensure timely submission of American family applications, evaluations, and other relevant paperwork in accordance with contractual deadlines.
  • Facilitate communication between families and MyHOSTpitality if required.
  • Coordinate with MyHOSTpitality throughout the collaboration, informing about the proper progress of the program.

To recruit American families with kids interested in a cultural and language exchange with Spanish students, a language exchange program ambassador must be willing and able to spend a considerable amount of time promoting the program to the local community. This includes schools, religious institutions, organizations, and individuals to identify suitable families. The language exchange program ambassador must be well connected to the different institutions and people in the area. He should also try spakr a desire for a language exchange with MyHOSTpitality and, if not, to be hosts (person who takes in a Spanish student) or guests (an English-speaking student).

The ideal language exchange program ambassador is highly organized, resourceful, and connected to his community. This can be a great experience for teachers with Summers or other fixed periods of time off. Please note that this is a contract position, not an opportunity for full-time work.

A language exchange program ambassador will earn from 1000 local currency unit (€, $, £…)per group of English-speaking students selected to participate in the exchange program. The optimum size of the groups would be between 10 to 14 students, but we could establish collaboration frameworks to reduced groups.

If you are interested in becoming a language exchange program ambassador for MyHOSTpitality, please e-mail us to .You can also leave us your information in the form below and we will contact you.



  1. florencia May 8, 2017

    Hola viviendo en new jersey usa .Donde es ?
    Uds dan entrenamiento para los ambassadors?
    A mi me interesa si

    1. admin May 8, 2017

      Buenas tardes florencia,
      Ya te hemos contactado por e-mail, hablamos por ahí.

      ¡Un saludo!

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