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Equipo de Marketing August 7, 2015

Are you thinking about doing a language exchange in your home? Do you know what the differences are between a  MyHOSTpitality host family and an au pair host family?

If you are thinking about going abroad on an exchange to know a new language  and learn  Spanish with a host family, you should know that there are various different ways to be a host family to a foreign guest.

Many people know the term ‘au pair family which, while very well known, is not the only way to be a host family and learn a Spanish. Do you really know what the expression ‘au pair’ means? And did you know that there are other ways to be a host family?

Today, we’re going to tell you what being an au pair english host family and being a MyHOSTpitality host family means and the differences between them.

We can reveal that one of the main differences is the cost.

MyHOSTpitality is an online community of collaborative use that removes the economic barriers that doing cultural and linguistic exchanges usually involve since you are getting rid of the traditional agency costs.

Below, we explain in more detail what being a host family is all about, whether with an au pair or through MyHOSTpitality.

Being an au pair english host family

Being an au pair host family is an option for those families that require someone to look after their children as well as learning a new language. These arrangements tend to last for a maximum of a year and as minimum from two until three months.

An au pair’s duties are: taking care of the children, some domestic tasks, teaching their language and any other additional services that the family requires.

An au pair family has to offer accommodation to the guest, who should have; apart from their own room, board and their weekends free, a regular weekly or monthly payment.

The type of relationship between the host family and the au pair is employer-employee, and on many occasions the family has no interest in exchanging language and culture.


Being an english host family with MyHOSTpitality

Offer accommodation to a guest member from another country and learn spanish and conversation spanish with him/her in your own home through the coexistence, while you carry out daily activities during the daily times that you agree upon.

This option is  recommended for:

Families who want to reinforce language learning of some of theirs members (adults or children) through living together with a native in their own home.

Professionals who can’t find the time to dedicate to language learning and/or have become bored attending academies and not progressing.

Host members of our community must have the following characteristics:

  • Interest in language learning.
  • Open-minded attitude towards coexistence with people from other countries.
  • Spirit of welcoming and hospitality.


Benefits of being a host member with

– Host members decide what guest members of the community they want to host according to criteria of age, gender, hobbies, etc.

– Flexibility in dates.

– Members agree to the dates and duration of the linguistic exchange with a english host family.

– Easy and assured linguistic immersion.

– Host members practice the language in a natural way while sharing daily activities with their guest.

– Savings. Families who choose this option are able to save, considering the cost of languages academies or classes on-site with teachers.


In summary, if your main need is to find someone to do some household chores and for your children, including at least one who is under 16, to practice another language in an informal way, your best option is to choose to be an au pair english host family. However don’t forget that your obligations are to provide room, board and a salary for the au pair and that the length of time they are with you will be between 2 and 12 months.

If on the other hand, your main interest is that one or more members of your family, children or adults, learn another language as spanish through an immersion in your own home and living with a native from another country (encouraging values like hospitality, tolerance and knowledge of other cultures) at the same time helping your guest to get to know yours, then the best option for you is to be a english host family with MyHOSTpitality. Meaning that your obligations are to provide accommodation and be hospitable. You don’t need to have children under 16 in your household and there are no limitations on the duration of the stay, you agree the dates with the guest according to your needs and preferences.



Now you’ve seen what both ways of being a english host family consist of, what do you think?

Do you dare to take part in an exchange and learn new languages with MyHOSTpitality while enjoying all the benefits that being a member of our community brings?

If you have any questions, please get in touch, we will be happy to help. You can send us an email to info@myhostpitality or contact us through the social networks Facebook and Twitter.



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